Compact Portable Pressure Washers for the Home

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If space is a premium, or perhaps you don’t have the need for a larger pressure washer then a small, compact and portable pressure washer could be for you. Depending on your needs and how you intend to use it there are a few options for you.

Best Compact Pressure Washers

If you live in a flat or have a small house that has limited storage then a large pressure washer may just be to big or bulky to store, or move around. There are a few compact pressure washers on the market that make for easy storage and also smaller and lighter making them easier to move around and better if you live in a flat.

We have rounded up our favourite compact and smaller pressure washers below for you to review.

Bosch AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer

This Bosch compact pressure washer is small, handheld and packs a punch. The hand held device is small but still pumps out 110 bar pressure and has a water flow of 330 L/H. It comes with a 3 meter hose and a 1350 watt motor.

Bosch AQT 33-11
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A small pressure washer that still packs a punch. The handheld design makes it so easy to carry around as well as the size and weight of it. Ideal for small tasks and for users that want something easy to move around with.

The size of this makes it ideal for people that live in a flat or apartment, allowing them to clean their bike outside on the ground floor or balcony. At only 4kg this is very lightweight and easy to carry with the built in handle. Read our review on the Bosch AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer here.

VonHaus 1600W Max Pressure Washer

If you want something smaller than a normal pressure washer but a bit more powerful than the Bosch than this VonHaus power washer is worth looking at. It is slightly larger and heavier at 5.8kg. With a 1600watt motor it pumps out at 90 bar pressure. With a water flow of 330 l/h it has a 5m hose too.

VonHaus 1600W
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A good budget pressure washer that is smaller than many entry level washers and also lighter in weight. Great for flat or homes that need something lighter and smaller.

The overall size of this is 31cm in length, 24cm wide and 45cm in height. Using there trigger gun nozzle you can twist to adjust from a fine jet spray to a fine mist spray.

Turtle Wax TW110

This compact pressure washer is perfect for cleaning your car, van or bike, is is small yet still has the power you need. A 1400W motor, 110 bar pressure with a 330 L/H makes it ideal for car cleaning. It is lightweight weighing in at 6.5KG.

Turtle was TW110
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A good entry level pressure washer than can be compared to others on the market, this compact design makes it ideal for flats or small homes with limited storage where others are bigger in size.

With the TW110 you get a high-pressure gun, power Lance, it has a 5m high-pressure hose, high-Pressure jet nozzle, and a detergent nozzle.

12V Portable Power Washer

If you like your outdoor activities than a portable pressure washer is what you need, making it easy to clean down your dirty boots or mountain bike, with these 12 volt pressure washers they are ideal for keeping in the boot of your car or taking with you when camping.

Karcher OC3 Mobile Pressure Washer

The Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer is a battery powered compact pressure washer that is ideal for keeping in the boot of your car or in a caravan. The 12 Volt rechargeable pressure washer runs off a battery making it a great portable device that you can keep in your car, this makes it ideal for tasks such as washing dirty boots after a hike, cleaning your bike down after a dirty track ride, or washing down the paw of your dog before they get in the back.

Karcher OC3
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Perfect for taking out with you in the car, or keeping in a caravan, the size makes it so portable. Great for cleaning down a muddy bike or walking boots before heading home.

With a handheld trigger gun it is attached to a 2m coiled hose that can be stored in the main washer unit where there is also a water tank that will hold 4 litres. The pressure washer itself runs at 5 bar, this is very low compared to a 130 bar pressure electric mains powered pressure washer, however this is enough to wash down your boots and keep the overall power washer small and compact.

This is a great portable 12v pressure washer that works well, the only downside is the price tag at over £100. Apart from that it is a great device and perfect for people who have a caravan, or like to go hiking or mountain biking.

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