Best Pressure Washers for Patios & Driveways

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Patios, driveways, stone work after a tough winter… the moss will grow, dirt and grime will appear and it will quickly look worn and dirty. However your brand new patio and driveway is still there under this grime, it just needs removing. Pressure washers are fantastic at bringing your tired patio and driveway back to its former glory and getting it looking like new again.

Which Pressure Washer for Cleaning my Patio?

When buying a power washer specifically for patios, driveways and paths, it is important to consider and look out for a couple of key factors that are very important to making sure you purchase the best one for you, if you don’t you could buy an under powered pressure washer that may do a job, but it either won’t be great, or it will take a lot of time and effort.

All these pressure washers are perfect for

  • Car cleaning
  • Caravan cleaning
  • Boats
  • Patios and pathways
  • Driveways
  • Decking
  • Guttering

Our Choice

If you are looking for a pressure washer to clean your patio, decking, slabs, drive and pathways, then our choice is the Karcher K7. This model has all the power you need, it is not the cheapest but it is well built, comes with everything you need, and has enough power to bring your your slabs and driveway to like new.

Our Choice
Karcher K7 Full Control
Our Rating
This machine is a beast and is perfect for all pressure washing tasks and will certainly clean up your patio or driveway quickly and powerfully.
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This pressure washer can be used on masonry, block work, slabs, concrete and decking, so whatever you drive or patio is made from, a pressure washer can bring it up like new and remove years of built up dirt.

Best Pressure Washers for Patios & Decking

Patio cleaning requires a pressure washer that has the power and pressure to effectively lift and remove the dirt, grime, and other contaminants that the outdoor elements have left coating it. Karcher is a well-known brand whose specialty is in offering a range of electric power washers of all water pressure strengths, to suit your needs.

Patio pressure washer comparison table – This table shows the 3 top pressure washers for using on your patio.

K5 Full Control Home

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer

Nilfisk E 140.3-9 X-TRA Pressure Washer
Kärcher K5 Full ControlKärcher K7 Full ControlNilfisk E 140.3-9 X-Tra
Pressure (Bar)145160140
Water Flow (l/h)500600500
Motor Watts210028002100
Detergent IntakePlug & CleanPlug & Clean-
Water suctionYesYesWith Adaptor
Pressure Hose Length8m10m9m
Power Cord Length5m5m5m
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For patio and general outdoor cleaning of stone, wood, and cement, you need a pressure washer that can strip the intended medium of all dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.

Below we have reviewed each of these pressure washers, all are great for using on your patio or driveway as well as decking. The choice comes down to your budget, the area you need to clean, the larger the area the more power and water flow you want, and finally other uses and how you intend to also use it.

Karcher K5 Full Control

The Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure Washer is a high-powered pressure washer with an upright construction and a water-cooled motor to ensure long life. What is great about this unit is not only is it efficient in washing your outdoor surfaces such as patios, but can also be used for your car, and lighter tasks such as cleaning bikes, garden furniture or how about children’s dirty wellies?

Karcher K5
Our Rating
A great mid range option, plenty of power and great for car cleaning, also comes with a good range of attachments.

The K5 is optimal for cleaning large patios, stonework, decking, garden furniture, and even cars and motorbikes using the correct lances and water pressure. With a quick connect hose system, it is easy to use, and with a suction hose, you can harvest water from a variety of sources for easy recycling of water to use through this pressure washer. Weighing in at 14.3kg, this pressure washer is up for tough tasks that require power and although weighing quite a bit, the wheels and handle make it easy to move around.

With 2000W of power and a maximum bar pressure of 145, this highly-rated unit also includes a flow rate of 500 litres per hour and a hose length longer than most units, at 8 meters. It also includes an Auto Stop feature, onboard storage, and a removable detergent tank, making it portable while remaining ecologically efficient and powerful.

Karcher K7 Full Control

The Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer similar to the K5 in terms of design and look. The K7 is a beast, capable of pressure washing any patio, decking, cars, garden furniture, stonework, and other surfaces with ease. For the tough work, the K7 has the pressure washing levels needed for getting rid of grime and dirt imbedded in even the most stubborn surfaces.

With a maximum pressure of 160 bars and a maximum flow rate of 600 litres per hour, this beast is capable of any work you can throw at it at home. Voltage is 220-240V and it weighs a slightly-hefty 20.58kgs. However, that does not make this pressure washer hard to move. With two highly robust wheels and a 10 meter long high-pressure hose, you can tow this pressure washer anywhere.

Our Choice
Karcher K7 Full Control
Our Rating
This machine is a beast and is perfect for all pressure washing tasks and will certainly clean up your patio or driveway quickly and powerfully.
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The K7 also includes a T450 patio cleaner and detergent, making it perfect for patio cleaning usage. Included are the Vario and Dirt blaster lances that provide 50% more cleaning power than standard lances. This unit by Karcher is a powerful pressure washer that is diverse powerhouse, from gentle car washing to tough, high-pressured patio cleaning. As with the K5, the K7 comes with a suction hose so you can use the washer from either a harvested water source or a static source. As an electric pressure washer, no petrol is needed, making this unit convenient and easy to use.

Nilfisk E140.3-9 X-Tra Pressure Washer

Nilfisk is another brand that offers great pressure washers that are up to the job of cleaning patios and other outdoor surfaces. They are compact and come in residential models that are excellent for home use. Read our full review of the Nilfisk E140 here.

The Nilfisk C125.3 is a great model for residential uses that require higher pressure capabilities than the smaller units provide. The C125.3 is mobile and flexible, and perfect for high performance washing of patios, stonework, and other outdoor surfaces with ease.

Nilfisk E140
Our Rating
For value this is a great choice, it packs a punch, comes with a good array of fittings and is ideal for patios without having to spend a fortune.

This model includes interchangeable nozzles, pressure regulation, a reliable aluminum pump, built in wheels for mobility, and a hook for storage of the hose and cable. This model provides an 1800W motor, a 125 bar variant, water flow of 520 litres per hour, an 8 meter hose, and a 5 meter electrical cable, making it more than capable of meeting your tough, outdoor patio needs.

“PAD” models for the C 125.3 include Patio Plus, which includes a washing brush and a 15 meter drain and tube cleaner. This PAD model would be the best optional bundle for bringing this pressure washer home and being able to put it to use immediately on your patio and other outdoor surfaces.

Buying a Patio Pressure Washer

When buying a pressure washer with cleaning your patio or driveway in mind then pressure and waterflow are the 2 things you need to think about.

Pressure – This is the power and pressure in bar that the water will blast out at, the higher the pressure the easier it is to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Pressure can range from 110 up to 180 bar, when it comes to patios and driveways.

We would not recommend going for anything less than 130 bar, entry level pressure washers will be 110 bar, this is perfect for cleaning your car but just isn’t strong enough to tackle a driveway. At 130+ bar you will certainly and quickly see a difference, dirt that has been there for years will be forced up and out.

Waterflow – The higher the better, the higher the quicker. When cleaning your patio you will be forcing water into a small area moving around cleaning the whole area, blasting through more water will allow you to move more dirt in quicker time. Water flow can start at 360 litres an hour all the way up to 600 l/h, nearly double!

Patio Cleaner Attachments – When you look at pressure washer you will see that some model come with a patio cleaner attachment as standard, this is perfect and will help get your patio looking like new in no time.

You can see the difference a pressure washer can make, removing dirt, grime and moss build up on decking, the pressure and water lifts and washes away this dirt bringing the decking up like new.

13 Oddly Satisfying Pressure Washing Videos

This video from Buzzfeed is a popular watch and will give you a satisfying pressure washer clean fix lasting just 1 minute and 41 seconds! With over 2.5 million views you need to watch it.

These devices are designed specifically for surfaces, on the ground or vertically, you will find them great for also cleaning your garage do! Most have handles designed into them to allow you to hold then and move them round like an electric sander on your door.

Within this unit there is a rotating brush, forcing water out into a small enclosed area allows the pressure to focus on a restricted area before moving it around, moving it around like a hoover it will focus and clean that area.


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  1. Ian Schietekat

    I Need to spray windows about 12 meters high. Will the 180 bar pressure washer spray that high?


  2. Mike

    How does the patio attachment work on the Karcher pressure washers? How does it clean a patio?

    • Pressure Washer Reviewer

      The patio attachment connects to your lance, under the plastic patio housing is a spinning devices that rotates when in use, there are small jets that force up the dirt as well as very small ‘brushes’ on either end. With the pressure of the water and the water flow it forces up the dirt and washes it away. Works very well.

  3. Paul Andrews

    The Kärcher K7 is great! It’s not cheap, but it gets the job done!

    Paul – What Cleaning! Ltd.

  4. Richard


    Im looking at K7 full control as the pressure is good at 180 bar but whats the continuous pressure ?
    as i’m trying to compare with WILKS USA RX550 which is a great price and better pressure at 262bar but the continuous pressure is 155 bar

    so working out best one


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