The type and specification of pressure washer you buy depends on how you use it and what for, some of the best pressure washers on the market are perfect for medium duty tasks such as car cleaning, caravans, patios and furniture.

Check out the best deals and the best UK power washer for your money with the karcher pressure washers here. There is a good selection of budget pressure washers that are ideal for car cleaning, and washing down your bike too.

Pressure (Bar)
This is the pressure and force the water shall be pumped out at, the entry models are usually around 110 bar which is ideal for cleaning you car and light duty taks, however if you are looking to use it to clean your patio then you may wish to look at the next models up from 130 bar.

Water Flow (l/h)
Flow or LPM is the amount of water output when in use, this affects the time it takes to clean something. The higher the flow, the shorter the length of time it takes to jet wash your car as the water lifts and washes away the dirt.

Detergent Intake
With the plug ‘n’ clean models there is a recess on the back of the Pressure Washer where you turn you bottle upside down and connect it, with other models there is usually a suction tube that you drop into the bottle when you wish to use it ideal for car cleaning and cleaning your patio.

There are two options here, it will either be air-cooled or water-cooled, and this relates to how the motor is kept cool when the pressure washer is in use, water-cooled is on the higher spec models from Karcher and is designed with the water pumping around the motor to cool it down when in use. The benefits of this include a high level of efficiency and durability.

Depending on how you intend to use your pressure washer will help decide which to buy, if you want a budget power washer for your car then check out the Karcher K2 premium home and car pressure washer. If you want a heavy duty jet washer for anything and everything then the powerful K7 maybe for you.

Which is the Best Pressure Washer in the UK?

Check out our round up of the 7 Best Pressure Washers in the UK and the table below.

 ModelPressure (Bar)PriceRating
Karcher K4Kärcher K4 Full Control

A great all rounder and the Editors Choice

Karcher K2 Full ControlKarcher K2

Compact model ideal for light use and car cleaning.

Bosch AQT 3400BOSCH AQT 3400+

A good all rounder and well priced.

Karcher K7Karcher K7

High spec top end pressure washer full of power.

Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtr

Well designed and good value, ideal for car washing.

Karcher K5 Full Control

Great for patios and driveways, it packs a punch.


Another good all rounder for lighter use.


We review the best pressure washers from leading brands such as Karcher and the Karcher hd pressure washers, Nilfisk power washers, as well as Bosch and Vax, finding the best power washer for your money.


An electric pressure washer is ideal for cleaning your car, bike, washing down garden furniture and hot tubs ready for the summer. They can also be used for heavy-duty tasks such as spraying down your patio and drive way removing winter stains. Read our buyers guide here.

This video shows the difference a pressure washer can make to your patio and other uses.

If you are looking for a jet washer deal, or on a budget then to help you we have rounded up the best deals and latest Karcher pressure washer coupons here to help you find the best price as well as Prime day deal here.

Best place to buy a pressure washer?

Many DIY retail stores and shops sell affordable pressure washes, you can pick them up from B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, Screwfix and Argos, as well as online retailer Amazon and best buy pressure washers uk.