Top Tips on How To Keep Your White Car Clean

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A white car is not as easy to clean and nor is it easy to maintain its appearance. While dark colored cars are the hardest to keep clean, white cars also come with their difficulties. However, with some tips and cleaning solutions, your white car will retain its appearance in the long-term. More importantly, you will not have to worry about discoloring your paint job.

White Car Cleaning Tips

A white car looks sleek when cleaned however it can quickly lose its shine as dirt and duct settles, with it being white any dirt quickly shows up along the side skirts and wheel arches. Below is a guide on how to clean a white car and tips that will leave it longer.

How often should you wash your white car?

Cleaning a white car will also raise the question of how often an individual should clean it. While it will differ from one individual to another and from one car to another, there are some standard considerations to go by when cleaning a white car. All factors held constant, the following is a simple guide on cleaning your car and after how long it would be necessary.

  • A simple wash every two weeks
  • Wax at least every six months
  • An interior clean out every few months

The above variations will differ depending on other factors such as your personal hygiene, the environment the car is used, as well as the roads you use. For example, if you use the car on a dusty environment, the simple washes may be often as compared to an individual driving his or her car in during the winter season. Some individuals are not keen to keep their white car clean thus; they will eat in the car and allow other people to litter inside it. In such a situation, the cleaning will be more frequent.

Cleaning Your White Car

In an effort to prevent you from stripping off the paint job and the wax from the body, it is important to invest in the right cleaners. Avoid all the household cleaners and detergents. If you have a stain that is bothering you after the regular cleaning, you can use a paint cleaner. It can also come in handy in removing grime from the white paint without damaging it. Never use a harsh technique such as scrubbing the stain. While you may remove it, you will also discolor your car.

Invest in the right cleaners and cleaning devices. The equipment you need include:

  • Wax
  • Microfiber towel
  • Clay
  • Cleaning solution

Use a clay bar to remove tiny dirt

Clay bars make it easier to remove tiny bits of dirt also without discoloring your car. However, how you choose to use it will derive the desired results. It is recommended that you cut the bar into a number piece and at any one-time use just one piece. Ifthe piece drops, you are advised to stop using it and throw it away. This is because the piece is contaminated and it tends to pick dirt and other substances. These substances are not only adding to the dirt but they will also scratch the pain off.

Apply Wax

Applying wax to your white car will help it to shine and give a clear color but it will also prevent dirt from clinging to the body. You need to have a quality wax to complete the task. After application, you will need to buff it to provide a clear and outstanding shine. Ensure you apply wax thinly and evenly and allow it about half an hour to dry. Finally, use a microfiber towel to wipe the body of the car. This step ensures that any leftover wax is cleaned.

How to make a White Car Shine

The following are car-cleaning tips for your white car that will guide you into making the choices if you wish to leave your car as white as snow. Remember, there are different shades of white and the idea is to maintain the manufacturer’s color shade. These tips will keep your car cleaner for longer even after regular washes.

How to prevent white car from turning yellow

Keeping your car clean is important, removing and washing old wax that has been applied to remove any dirt that could be causing the yellowing effect.

If you white car is still yellowing slightly then it may need to be machines polished to bring it back to its former glory.

Avoid sharp and harsh objects and cleaning solutions

No matter how problematic a stain is, you should never use a sharp object or a harsh solution to clean it. While you may succeed to remove it, you are more likely to damage the paint of the body as well. Repainting it will be costly as well as increases the risk of creating a permanent flaw. The flaw will arise from having to apply a different shade of the color white. Though they may be all white in general, they are easily noticeable when they are close to each other.

Always use the right equipment

There are instances when you can improvise on equipment and cleaning solutions. However, when cleaning a white car, it is important that you employ the right equipment or have a professional clean your car. For example, when waxing your car, using the right equipment will ensure an even application of the wax throughout the body to leave it looking as great as it was when new.

Get rid of dust and dirt first before washing

In an effort to avoid making a mess, it is best that you first get rid of dirt and dust by simply dusting the interior and exterior of your car. The interior may be easier because you can use a vacuum to suck away the dust but you will have to dust the exterior body manually.

Above are pointers that will guide you through ensuring that your car remains in its original color. Cleaning a white car may be frequent as compared to other colors such as silver as grey considering that they do not camouflage dirt or markings. Though they may not be as hectic as darker colors such as black, you need to give them more attention.

Cleaning the car is only the first step but you need to accompany this process with some simple maintenance techniques to ease your next cleaning process as well as reduce the number of times you have to clean your white car.

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