Kärcher K520M Pressure Washer – Discontinued

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In July 2004 Kärcher released the K520M Pressure Washer. A compact device that packed a real punch, 450 l/h flowrate powered by a 2000 watt induction motor giving a 130 bar pressure.

A small device compared to pressure washers by todays standards, it came with a 7.5 metre hose and more than powerful enough for car cleaning or washing down your drive and patio. The  Kärcher K520M came with a few accessories including different nozzle attachments for the spray gun, Low pressure detergent gun, Variable pressure lance and the Dirtblaster Lance. It also had a suction tube that could be placed in detergent bottles to be mixed in with the water that was sprayed our.

The pressure washer has two large wheels on it to allow it to be easily moved around and a handle for an easy grip. The 7.5m hose makes it great for getting around without having to keep moving the pressure washer itself along too, this makes it perfect for cleaning your car for example, or patio.

New Model

The Kärcher K520M Pressure Washer  is now discounted and charter have a new range from the k2 entry model up to the K7 which is their most powerful domestic pressure washer.

The newest model from quarter that compares in term of specification to the K520M is the K4 model.

The K4 is 130 bar pressure powered by a water cooled 1800 watt motor giving a water flow of 420 l/h. The water flow and motor power is slightly less than the K520M but it wouldn’t be noticeable. If you wanted to go up a model then the K5 (Karcher K5 Review) has some extra power that will make a difference and will certainly be noticeable.

Other difference include a slighter shorter pressure hose at 6m as opposed to the 7.5m that came with the K520M.

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  1. Luigi bertacchini

    Were do I get a replacement hose for a 520m I live in Rosemère Québec Canada thank u

  2. Raymond robinson

    hi where can i get replacement rubber seals from please, my 520 is ok but some of the seals are going. Many thanks Mr robinson


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