Kärcher K5 Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer Review

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Kärcher K5 Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer
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Summary: A fantastic and robust pressure washer that has all the gadgets and enough power for most jobs, from washing down garden furniture and cleaning your car, to bringing your drive and patio out like new.

Note – This model is now discontinued, check out the new Kärcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer review here.

The Karcher K5 Premium Eco Home pressure washer has a rugged body, eco-friendly material and the advanced functionality were all in together making it a strong, eco and  robust machine.

The Need to Know

Pressure (Bar)
Waterflow (l/h)
Motor (watts)


The Karcher K5 Premium Eco Home pressure washer is a robust and powerful device with a 8m hose ideal for car washing, it comes with an array of attachments and includes the T350 patio cleaner fitment ideal for driveways and slabs as well as cleaning vertical surfaces such as garage doors.

Waterflow – 500 l/h
Pressure – 145 Bar
Hose Length – 8m
Motor – Water-cooled
Watts – 2100

Included with this model is the Vario Lance, Dirtblaster, T350 Patio Cleaner, Universal Eco Plug & Clean Detergent and a Suction Hose & Filter.


The K5 model is a powerful machine, a 2100watt water-cooled motor pumps out 500 litres per hour at 145 bar pressure, this is certainly good enough for most tasks you will throw at it, and it will literally blow them away. The power this has makes it ideal for washing your driveway or patio if it is starting to look a little tired, the pressure this gives will remove dirt, moss and grime that has been there for years gibing a whole new lease of life to your drive and bring it up like new.

Depending on the package you get the K5 comes with a range of attachments included and a standard 8m hose which is perfect for car cleaning as you can get around without having to move the pump at all.

How does it compare to other Karcher Pressure Washers?



The Karcher K5 Premium Pressure washer is more rugged and robust therefore even the company offers a 5 year guarantee period. Almost 60 % of the appliance is made from recyclable material keeping the integrity of the name “Eco home”. The K5 premium model comes with a longer 8m hose than the entry models, it also has robust wheels allowing you to easily move it around, it also has the Plug ‘n’ Clean System for quick and convenient changeover between different detergents.

From the video below you can see how quick and easy it is to set up and use.

Karcher promises that K5 comes with a Eco switch that can save almost 20% of the water and energy. The Eco mode can be easily selected by twisting the switch to Eco mode which makes it very simple.

The K5 pressure washer has a much more powerful motor in order to perform difficult cleaning jobs. It is not only lighter but also has an in-built water cooled motor. The ergonomic design makes the pressure washer powerful and effective. When it comes to noise there really isn’t much to hear, the motor will start up but it will then settle and you won’t hear much apart from the water pressure sound, so if you are going to be up early on a Sunday morning cleaning your car then you won’t need to worry about waking up the neighbours!

The Karcher K5 Premium Eco Home pressure washer has an incredible hose drum and multiple hooks which provide a great storage space for the various cables and coils which could easily be hung directly on to the washer. For smooth mobility the washer comes with smooth rubber wheels. There is an easy to keep clean on/off switch, which is rubber coated.

Everything easily packs away for easy storage as well as the 8m hose that can be reeled up. There are 2 large wheels on this so it can be moved round like a suitcase as this unit it self is a hefty bit of kit.


The highly powerful Karcher K5 premium eco home pressure washer is compatible with almost all the Karcher washer accessories and the new kit provides some of the accessories which are:

1. Vario Lance: If you want to have fun with the varied water pressures then this is the accessory. To change the water pressures just simply twist the lance head and receive a water pressure change. This is great when it comes to cleaning your car and ensuring you don’t damage your paintwork.

2. Dirt Blaster: The Company states that this has a 50% stronger pressure of the water then the normal lance. This is great for removing dirt from you bike or patio and certainly packs a punch, the pressure is intense.

3. T350 Patio Cleaner: Clean patios or walls with this great splash free attachment, will bring your patio up like new and can also be used on vertical surfaces making it ideal for cleaning your garage door for example.

4. Ecological Universal Plug & Clean Detergent: The eco-friendly detergent is much powerful in removing grease, oil, etc without any effort.

5. Ecological suction Hose & Filter: The appliance comes with a special kind of hose that connects the washer with the running tap water or allows you to place it into a water butt where it will suck out the water to use.

6. High Pressure Hose: To be able to get a high pressure the Karcher K5 Premium Pressure washer comes with an additional high pressure hose. It’s longer and powerful measuring somewhere around 8m the hose can easily be screwed on. It helps you cover a larger area as compared to the smaller hose pipes.


Perfect for…

The power of this unit makes is perfect for just about most tasks you may want to use it for, the basics such as cleaning patio furniture, BBQ, your car or bike, just not a problem. With the strong pressure of this ensure you adjust the Vario Lance to reduce the pressure to ensure you don’t damage your car paint work.

Where the K5 shines is when it comes to cleaning stone and brickwork,be it your patio of drive, with the T350 patio cleaner it comes with, it makes light work moving round like a hoover the powerful pressure forces up the dirt and the high water flow makes it quick and easy to quickly get around your patio.

Why Buy?

Quick and easy to set up, very robust and great for all the jobs you would need, perfect for cleaning your car and powerful enough to bring your patio up like new. Comes with a 5 year warranty which will give you piece of mind on this great investment.

5 Year Warranty. The Karcher K2 comes with a full 5 year warranty covering against everything including malfunctioning or defects in material and workmanship.

The Bottom Line

Overall it is a great robust pressure washer, has all the gadgets and enough power for most jobs, from washing down garden furniture and cleaning your car, to bringing your drive and patio out like new. If you want to clean you patio or driveway this pressure washer is not to be under estimated, it really will get up and remove dirt and grime that has been there for years, stains or cement, this has enough power to tackle those too.

At nearly £300 it is not cheap, however it does come with a 5 year warranty which will give you some piece of mind when it comes to this investment. Although not cheap it does have many uses and not just washing you car every Sunday.

Note – This model is now discontinued, check out the new Kärcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer review here.

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