Karcher K2 – Home Vs Premium, What’s the Difference?

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At the end of 2016 Karcher released a brand new K2 Pressure washer, now named K2 Full Control. The addition of the ‘Full control’ to the title also represent the new addition to the K2, a new lance with 4 settings adjusting the pressure.

K2 – New V’s Old – What’s the difference?

To make this simple we have put together this helpful table to show the differences between the new K2 and the older model.

 Kärcher K2Kärcher K2 Full Control

Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer
K2 Full Control Home
Pressure (Bar)110110
Water Flow (l/h)360360
Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour)2020
Motor Watts14001400
Detergent IntakeSuction TubeSuction Tube
Water suction--
Pressure Hose Length4m4m
Power Cord Length5m5m
Spray GunStandard high-pressure lanceAdjustable Full Control Lance
Telescopic Handle-Yes
Weight4 Kg4.3 Kg
Dimensions32.2 x 21.2 x 40 cm24.6 x 28 x 58.6 cm
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We have also broke down the different areas to mention any differences.

Specification – No Changes, that’s right, nothing the old and new are the same bar pressure, 110, the water flow still remains at 360 l/h and they both have a air cooled 1400 watt motor.

Karcher K2 - Home, Premium, Whats the Difference?

Design – The new K2 has a new design, still comes in the striking Karcher yellow, but it has a more sleek and streamlined design. The new Karcher K2 Full control model has wheels now and a telescopic handle allowing you to easily move it around like a suitcase. It has on board storage for the hose and power cable, as well as a holder for the trigger gun and lance.

Size – The new K2 model is larger, it has wheels so there is no need to carry it, where as the older K2 model was compact, designed to be carried but also didn’t take up much space making it easy to store.

Features – As mentioned it has the on board storage, telescopic handle and wheels for easy moving, it still has a suction tube for detergent, however the K2 Full control premium model has a built in detergent tank. The big difference is in the name, full control, with the new K2 you get the full control lance, this is a adjustable lance that has 4 settings, mix, soft, medium and hard.

Karcher K2 Full Control

Mix is designed for using the detergent inlet, spraying you car in soap is perfect for this, then you have a soft setting where it creates a wider spray which is softer, making it ideal for car paintwork or cleaning wooden garden furniture. The medium is stronger and great for car cleaning and those alloy wheels, and then the hard setting is a powerful jet ideal for stubborn stains and use on your driveway and patio.

Full Control, Home or Premium? What’s the difference?

The new Karcher K2 comes in 3 different packages, K2 Full Control, K2 Full Control Home and the K2 Full Control Premium, so what are the differences?

When it comes to the specification and the under the hood features, they are the same, pressure, waterflow, hose length, all the same. They all have the full control spray gun, the on board storage, the only single difference in terms of specification is that the premium model has a built in detergent tank at the base, whereas the standard and home packages just have a suction tube.

Other than that it comes down to accessories, the standard K2 Full control package is the cheapest and comes with all you need to get going, hose, lance, dirt blaster and the trigger gun, perfect for cleaning your car. The next package up is the home package, this is the same as the standard pack however it also includes a patio cleaning attachment, allowing you to wash down your drive, patio and slabs easily. Then finally there is the K2 Full control premium package, as you may have guessed this is the most expensive one and comes with a few more bits, as well as the built in detergent tank, you also get the patio cleaning attachment, and a car cleaning kit, this includes a brush attempt ideal for the wheels, it comes with some detergent too you can use. This pack is ideal for car cleaning and comes with everything you need.

The 3 different Karcher K2 packs:

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