Storing Your Pressure Washer in the Winter

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When it comes to the Winter season in the UK it is dark mornings, dark nights and usually a heavy frost. Now as you prepare to go into winter tidying up outside and putting things back into your shed or garage until spring, there are a few things to beware about when it comes to storing your karcher pressure washer for winter storage.

How To Winterise a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are not cheap, however a cold winter and freezing conditions can easily damage your pressure washer making it unusable next time you bring it out. Here are our steps and tips to storing your pressure washer in winter and ensuring it is well protected from the frost and cold temperatures.

Hibernation Tips

Due to the freezing temperature at night in winter you don’t just want to pack your pressure washer away like you would any other day and leave it there for 2-3 months in the shed, then when you bring it out in spring you find that it isn’t working properly and water is coming out all over the place. You may think this isn’t a problem due to the 5 year warranty you have, but sadly they won’t help you as water damage due to not winterising it isn’t covered.

So before you use it one last time before it gets put away we have a little guide on very simple things to do before putting it away so that it is ready for use when you next bring it out in a couple of months.

Looking after your pressure washer

Our guide on how to winterize an electric pressure washer so it still works come spring.
Flush – Firstly we recommend filling your detergant tank with warm water, or if you have a suction tube place it into a bottle of warm water and turn your pressure washer on. Here we are trying to remove any residual soap and insure proper functioning of the system next spring. It also ensures that the inside is all cleaned out like new.

Disconnect – Now you want to start disconnecting the pressure washer parts, so removing the lance and hose, any draining any water that is left in it, for the hose you may need to raise it up to drain any leftover water out then then coil it up ready to store.

Power up – Yes thats right, power up the pressure washer again, but without the hose and lance connected, the aim here is to remove any remaining water in the system, so turn it on and rock the pressure washer gently to make sure all water is blasted out. You only need to do this for 10-15 seconds, then turn off.

Pack away – Now you have removed all the parts and drained the water you can unplug and coil all hose and power lead up ready for storage. When it comes to storing the pressure washer unit itself we would recommend keeping this in your house, or your garage at least to ensure that there is no winter damage from the cold, the freezing temperature may cause cracks to internal pipes or damage to the seals.

By following these simple and very quick steps you can ensure your pressure washer is ready to go next spring and is also all clean and like new. It really is worth doing this, otherwise it could be a frustrating start when you bring out your pressure washer and the cold has hit it hard.

Outside Tap

Now your pressure washer is stored away for winter, don’t forget your outside tap. If you use an outside tap you don’t want this to freeze as it could burst or causes pipe damage. You can easily prevent this from happening with an outside tap jacket, it is a simple cover that takes 5 seconds to attach, it helps insulate the tap and prevent the cold and frost from freezing it. This simple measure can save you money and time by preventing any damage to it.

This product is fits all and is easy to install. A wroth while investment.

Outside Tap Cover Jacket
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Prevent your outdoor tap from freezing with this simple cover that slips onto and over your tap, insulated and waterproof it stops your tap from freezing in the night.

With the tap cover don’t forget to place any other items such as hose pipe or water features inside your garage or shed too. Anything with water may freeze in the winter which can damage the item, so make sure you have everything covered.

Is your pressure washer stored away for winter? Where are you storing this and what measure have you taken to prevent damage?

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    You should mention that storing anything with a combustible property such as gasoline inside a home is not a good idea. If you plan on storing a gas powered unit in the place you sleep at night; You will want to make sure there’s no gas in the tank and that it’s stored far away from any potential igniter.


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