Best Snow Foam Lance for Karcher Pressure Washer

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Snow foaming your car is the best way to bring it up like new and has become increasingly popular. If you own a Karcher pressure washer then this snow foaming lance is perfect for you.

Autobrite Snow Foaming Lance

The Autobrite Foaming Lance is a solid brass, well built and designed attachment  for your pressure washer allowing you to spray foam onto your car. The lance attachment is made from solid brass and has a adjust plastic nozzle allowing you to change the spray, from a wide spray to a pencil spray for thought stains.

Snow Foam Lance Karcher Connector with 500ml of Magifoam - by Autobrite Direct
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Autobrites industry leading, award winning and globally loved Snow Foam Lance with 500ml of the awesome Autobrite Magifoam Pre-Wash Snow Foam. A match made in car-care heaven.

This comes with a 1L plastic bottle that attaches to this which can be filled with your snow foam ready to be mixed. The size of the bottle makes it ideal for washing a number of cars to large 4×4, vans or pickup trucks. It can also be used for your caravan too. The adjustable setting via the plastic knob can be turned to adjust the amount of shampoo is used, allowing you to increase of decrease this as needed.

The Autobrite Foaming Lance works up to 200 bar, and a max temperature of 60 degrees.

Karcher also have their own snow foam lance designed for their pressure washers.

Kärcher FJ6 Foam Jet Nozzle
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Snow foam cleaning lance pressure washer foaming lance attachment a very popular accessory suitable for use with most pressure Washers.

See the Autobrite lance in action in this video here:

With this snow foam lance you also get a FREE 500ml bottle of Magifoam Snow Foam to get you started. The included magi foam is pH neutral and is great stuff, it sticks well to the car paintwork and performs really well.

How to use

A quick step by step guide on using a snow foam lance.

  1. Fill the bottle with snow foam shampoo and adjust the nozzle to set how much to use, the more you use the thicker it is, the less you use the watery it will be.
  2. Cover the car in an even layer of foam working from one end and side to the other.
  3. Once coated in white snow foam leave it to dwell for 15-30 minutes. e.g. Go put the kettle on.
  4. Rinse off the foam and the dirt and grime from the paint surface creating a clean car paintwork surface.
  5. Once finished empty the snow foam bottle and fill with clean water and spray to clear the nozzle.

Karcher Models it works with

This Autobrite Foaming Lance works is designed to work specially with Karcher Pressure washer models. It will work with the K2, K4, K4 and K7 models.

If you own a Nilfisk pressure washer then you can get the Nilfisk Autobrite Foaming Lance which is compatible.

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  1. Gregor boyle

    I bought a karcher snow foam bottle it worked the first time I used it no it just won’t make snow foam, any ideas what’s happened to it?


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