SnowFoam Lance Compaitble with Nilfisk

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If you are looking for a Snow foam lance for your Nilfisk pressure washer then this is perfect. Although not an official Nilfisk snow foam lance it works with all models and it robust, well built and works exceptionally well.

Nilfisk Snow Foam Lance

The Snow Foam Lance Nilfisk Compaitble produces a much thicker foam compared to the Nilfisk version, the foam clings to the surface of the car extremely well. You can regulate the amount of snowfoam and water with in the larger bottle, there is also settings that allow you to adjust the Spray pattern and also the Flow Rate.

Snow Foam Lance Karcher K-series Compatible


The fitments on this snow foam lance are made from brass with a plastic bottle attached.

Included with the lance itself are care instructions too ensuring you look after it and maintain its full working function.

This can also be bought for your Karcher Pressure washer too. Ensure you buy the ‘Snow Foam Lance Karcher K-series Compatible‘ version which has fitments designed for Karcher.

Other Snow foam Lances

If you are checking out snow foam lances then these 3 are worth taking a look at.

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