Kranzle Vs Karcher Pressure Washer

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You must have tried using water and soap and detergent and even scouring powder to get that nasty stain out of your surfaces. You have probably even tried scrubbing and still did not get your desired results. And now you’ve found out about pressure washers and you want to get one but you are wondering just which one to get and can’t seem to figure it out. We get that.

Thinking about which pressure washer to buy can be quite difficult and finally settling on one can be quite a challenge. This is especially as there are quite a number of good brands on the market for you to pick from.

Kranzle Vs Karcher Pressure Washer

This article will do a comparison of the Kranzle and Karcher brands of pressure washers to let you know the features they distinctly come with and what makes them similar or different from each other. And if you are looking to purchase any one of these, this article will tell you all that you basically need to know about these brands of pressure washers so you can pick which one is suitable for you.

What is a Pressure Washer?

The best pressure washer is a power washing machine which uses high-pressure water spray to take out all sorts of dirt ranging from grime to mud to mold and all other unwanted stains that build on surfaces. This machine can take dirt out from a car, a bike, your garage, your driveway and so many other things. In simple words, a pressure washer is a hose which is powered with the use of electricity and which is used to wash out most difficult stains.

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Here is a quick run-down of how pressure washers work:

  • Detergent goes in through a hose from a container or even a bottle
  • Water then goes in through another hose from a tap. This water would usually be filtered on its way in.
  • After those, the washer is powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine
  • With the help of the diesel engine or electric motor which powers the washer, the water and detergent are mixed together
  • The pump would finally spit out the water through a reinforced high-pressure passage. Because the nozzles of the hose are narrow, they help a lot to increase the pressure of the water released.
  • The pressured water which the hose spits out is what ensures cleaning by forcing dirt away.

Uses of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers come in a variety of uses which can help bring back that shiny, bright look to your house, environment, and stuff. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can use a pressure washer to do.

You can use a pressure washer to wash your fence at least once every year. This will definitely help to make sure that your fence remains the envy of your neighborhood.
You can use a pressure washer to clean out your garage door and keep it in good, shiny condition especially if this door gets attacked, for example, by birds.
Even those nasty and irritating spider webs and wasp nests can be history when they come under the power of your pressure washers. Just make sure to use wasp spray to spray the wasp nests before using the pressure washer so you do not get attacked by the wasps.

Over a period of time, grime can begin to build up on your driveway. You can trust that driveway will look way better if you use a pressure washer to attack the grime.
Even your balcony or veranda can be a victim of grime build-up. You certainly do not want to have this destroying the face of your well-kept balcony. Just use the pressure washer and you are good.

A pressure washer can give even your outdoor furniture the whole new look.

You can use a pressure washer to wash your car. This is even one of the first things that come to mind when you talk about a pressure washer. Even your bikes and boats can be washed neat with a pressure washer.

Did you know that even your dustbin will do a whole lot better if you also gave it a pressure bath every once in a while? Well, it will. And since your dustbin can also be a part of home aesthetics sometimes, you might want to keep it clean and sparkling as much as it is possible.

The cement structures at your home can also do with some pressure bath from time to time. The truth is, over a period of time, these cement structures get covered in grime and dirt and begin to look unattractive. Pressure washers can make this situation a whole lot better.

You can use a pressure washer to scrape out peeling paint from your wall and leave it fresh and free for a retouching if you want. To avoid having to climb a ladder, you can also simply use a pressure washer to reach and clean up surfaces which are too high for you to reach ordinarily. Even your barbecue grill will be thankful for a clean bath from a pressure washer. Oh, and grills can ordinarily be quite a pain to wash ordinarily. A pressure washer will save you a bulk of the stress and get your grill ready for the nest barbecue.

Kranzle Pressure Washers

The Kranzle pressure washer is designed with high-pressure cleaners as well as other technical benefits that are included to increase the lifespan of the washer. The Kranzle pressure washer comes with the following features included:

The Special Brass Pump Head which is specially made from forged special bass helping your device last for many years. The Stainless Steel Plungers with Ceramic Coating which are included to provide perfect thermal conductivity. These also ensure a surface that is very less susceptible to wear.

The Dry-run Safety and Leakage Return System which is designed to see that the pumps of the pressure washer can be run for a period of time without water and without them having to suffer any damage. This is usually made to happen by making a water cushion between the high-pressure seals which come with the plungers. This would prevent any air from getting into the chamber of the pump.

Karcher Pressure Washers

There are four basic models of the Karcher pressure washers which are the K2, K4, K5, and K7. Each of these models comes with the eco, the home, and the premium version. All of these versions come with varying features as well as attachments but they all come with the same specification.

The K2 is designed for tasks washing garden furniture or even a bike. Basically, this model is designed for lighter use.

The K4 with a pressure of 130 bar, 1800 watt motor as well as water flow of 420 l/h is perfect for cleaning cars. This model, apart from cleaning cars, can also clean motorbikes as well as paths.

The K5, with a pressure of 145 bar, 2100 watt motor and 500 l/are designed for use in cleaning tougher, muddy off-roaders. This one comes with a lot of pressure and is great for cleaning your driveway or your patio. And you can also use this to keep your environment clean; gutters and caravan and garage among others.

And the K7, which is the strongest of the models is just the perfect choice for even tough tasks. This one comes with a very strong 160 bar pressure, 600 l/h of water flow and 2800 watt motor. This one can more easily pick up dirt and as well as finish up the cleaning task quickly.

Kranzle Pressure Washer vs. Karcher Pressure Washer: Which is Better?

Both Kranzle and Karcher come with distinct features that make them unique and special in their own way. While both are pressure washers, however, which have the same basic function of taking out dirt from surfaces, they have a number of branded differences which do not alter their basic function.

Models & Specs

Both brands are made with excellent cleaning power and great designs as well as build quality which include features that are added to ensure that they work perfectly.

Karcher pressure washer has a series of different models with unique specs. The pressure washers are equipped with features such as ergonomic push handle, tilting aids and flat free tires for easy transportation. Servo control for adjusting pressure and working water volume allows one to work conveniently. They are built in a weather resistant coat paint and durable one and a half inch steel frames. Karcher K2 control washer is one of the best models to use in small chores such as grill scrubbing and car washing. It has a 20 feet hose and 35 power cord making it easier to use around the home compound. The washer disperses 1.3 water gallons per minute delivering 1500 pounds per square meter. It has the patio cleaner detergent and accessory together with the pressure regulatory trigger gun. Similarly, Karcher K2 compact pressure washer has a maximum pressure of 110 bar and a lightweight powerful 4m hose high pressure. It also has an inlet water filter which blocks possible damage to the machine.

Karcher K4 full control home pressure has a base stability foot making it to easier to work with the machine. The LED display trigger gun gives guidelines in correcting the pressure. It has extendable plastic handles for easy transportation and T350 patio cleaner home with a 2 years warranty kit.

The washer is similar to Karcher k4 premium full control home washer except in extendable aluminium handle in the premium washer. It also has an additional 5 year warranty with a hose reel at the back for easier working and storage. Karcher K5 premium full control plus home washer comes with a one litre façade and stone detergents with a 3-in-1 lance that makes cleaning fast. It is a bit similar to Karcher k7 premium full control pressure washer. They both poses a trigger gun to control the detergent flow and pressure of the washer. The K7 has T450 while the K5 has a T350 accessory used for cleaning a larger areas such as patios.

On the other hand, Kranzle also has a range of some of the best quality washer models. These include Kranzle K7/122 which has a modern design and quality top engineering. The pressure washer has a rate of 7 litres per minute water emission incorporated with a 135 max bar. It is easy to use and has a good water sucking rate. Kranzle Hochdruckreiniger K 1152 TS T is more advanced emitting 10 litres of water per minute. It has a 15 meters hose, 150 max bar and an extra dirt killer component extension. Kranzle K 1050 TS with a maximum 240 v power has a 2.4kw power output. The washer is more similar to the above mentioned Kranzle pressure washers. It has a self-supporting flame and no dirt killer.

Kranzle 635 1 branded with hose reel comes with a 15 M high –pressure hose pipe and has a large hose drum to make it easy by winding up the hose. It has a running load of 3.2kw, 230v power, 1400r.p.m motor speed, maximum inlet water temperature of 60degrees Celsius and 2350 Pascal pressure. Kranzle k 2160 TS T can run up to eight hours continuously daily. The pumps are made of brass valve casings and ceramic, stainless steel pistons. It has a water suction height of 2.5 meters, 630l/hour water flow, 3.2kw running load and 230v power.

The wheels ensure stability in operations and make it easy to move the machine even in challenging terrains. K 2160 TST series has a Vario lance and a dirt killer lance built in the machine casing and compartments to store the trigger gun. Kranzle electric pressure washers have similar qualities like safety non-use shutdown, a ground fault interrupter preventing shock, auto on/off gun-jet control with thirty-second delay and inlet water filter with dirt killer turbo nozzle.

Build Quality

Both are good solid pressure washers, however for the money Kranzle is very well made and very robust and overall is better than an equivalent Karcher model.


As per the prices, the both brands have a variety of prices on them. Karcher tends to be more expensive than other electric pressure washers from brands such as Bosch and Nilfisk, however Kranzle pressure washers are a lot more expensive than Karcher. Although not cheap you are paying for a better made and more robust pressure washer. For a top of the range Kranle pressure washer you are looking well over a £1000, where as the top K7 nearly half that.

Which one?

Neither are cheap, Kranzle is more expensive and better built, over time the Kranzle maybe the better investment  depending on usage, however if you are limited by budget then between the two Karcher is cheaper and still a good solid well designed and made pressure washer.

The one to buy depends on your budget and the spec and power you require.

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