Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review

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Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review 2016
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  • Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
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Summary: A great pressure washer that has been taken to the next level by Karcher. The new features and included items are a great addition, it is easy to use and the ease of storage of all the bits also helps keep it all together.

Popular pressure washer brand Karcher have updated there fantastic K4 pressure washer with new features and a new futuristic design while still having its striking yellow coloured outer casing.

If you live in the UK or any other part of the world that receives adverse weather that comes with dirt, then you need something that will give you an easy time as you clean your home. Customers who are looking for the easiest way to keep the cars they drive and the environment they live in clean should reading this Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer review. This is a powerful and effective machine that enables you to achieve the best clean environment. So what makes this pressure washer better that the previous models? Let’s take a look.

Karcher K4
Our Rating
We love the Karcher K4, it is a good all rounder that has enough power for most tasks without breaking the bank. Perfect for car cleaning and washing down your patio and drive after winter.

K4 Full Control Review

What this pressure machine gives customers is the best settings for every job. The K4 Full Control has been designed to give car or home owners complete confidence so that they can maximize the high pressure from the machine. You can vary the pressure according to the status and texture of the surface you are cleaning or how dirty the surface is. To do this you only need to twist the spray lance to what you find suitable.

The Need to Know

Pressure (Bar)
Waterflow (l/h)
Motor (watts)


You can also check the level of pressure you have selected on the Full Control Power Gun through the LED display. So if you are new to the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washers, you can easily know the right setting for ideal results. You don’t need any professional help to handle the machine.

The K4 pressure washer is ideal for car or bike cleaning, it comes with an array of attachments and includes the patio cleaner fitment ideal for driveways and slabs as well as cleaning vertical surfaces such as garage doors.

Waterflow – 420 l/h
Pressure – 130 Bar
Hose Length – 6m
Motor – Water-cooled
Watts – 1800

Included with this model is the Vario Lance, Dirtblaster, T350 Patio Cleaner and Universal Eco Plug & Clean Detergent.


What you get from the home package apart from Karcher’s T350 Patio Cleaner attachment is a 1L Plug n Clean Detergent formulated for removing stubborn dirt and maintaining the stone surfaces.

If your car has the thickest mud on the tires, rims or under then you don’t have to worry about how you are going remove it. Karcher K4 has a dirt blaster lance that deals with any type of mud, whether wet or dry. This lance produces a powerful rotating point jet, more powerful than any other of its predecessor. This spray blasts away stubborn mud which makes this washer ideal for weather worn surfaces.

Full Control Vario and Dirtblaster Lances
By twisting the barrel of the pressure, the user can vary the pressure until the desired level is selected. This is what makes the Vario Power Spray the selling point for this machine. This new system developed by Kärcher helps to guide you on the right pressure to use on whichever surface. You should thus choose the correct spray lance depending on the type of surface in question. There are three pressure levels and a detergent setting that makes this pressure different from the rest.

The LED display is another feature that makes this pressure machine different from its predecessors. The LED on the trigger is what will guide you as you select the right pressure setting for your task. Use it to check that the adjustment is the power required.

Karcher Pressure Washer Full Control

The symbols on the screen will also work as a guideline. What this means is that you can never go wrong as it helps you to select the right setting for the job in hand. If you are cleaning your car there is a setting for that, brick work, there is a setting for that. These setting adjust the pressure of the lance so that you have the most power for cleaning your drive, but slightly less so you don’t damage your car paintwork when cleaning your vehicle.

The LED display uses two AAA batteries which comes with this and they are fitted into the handle of the trigger gun.

If you have never owned a home pressure washer, then you will love the T350 T-Racer Surface Cleaner. This makes cleaning a wide range of exterior surfaces quick, efficient and spray free. This means that you don’t have to be too good to make an exterior of your car clean. The washer also has an integrated handle to clean vertical surfaces like a garage door.

Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer Review 2016

Parking position for easy accessory storage at all times – The other feature of the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer that makes it outstanding is the fact that the Full Control trigger gun and the connected spray lance can be easily stored on the pressure washer each time you wish to take a break during the cleaning process. The on-board storage of hoses and lances is a better way to keep your working environment organised. The main reason why the storage had been built on this particular pressure machine was to have all the accessories in hand and readily accessible.

The Full Control gun is also easily accessible. If you have owned pressure washes before, you will appreciate the fact that the Full Control trigger gun and the spray lances can be stored on the machine in order to save storage space. This is a feature not found in most pressure washes in the market.

Plug and Clean – You save more time when you use the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer. For instance, it only takes a matter of seconds with one simple move to replace the detergent thanks to the Plug’n’Clean system. So when you have your pressure washer on detergent mode, you can quickly and easily apply detergent on the dirty surface.

Using Kärcher detergents will also give you maximum results especially if you are trying to get rid of a stubborn dirt. The detergent also increases the efficiency of the pressure washer since it prevents the dirt from returning and help care and protect the surface you have cleaned.

When it comes to style, Karcher did more than enough on this particular pressure machine. The machine comes with high impact wheels and aluminum telescopic handle that makes this particular washer more than just a pressure machine. The handle has been places at a proper height making it easy to pull whilst being fully retractable for simple storage.

How it stacks up

The K4 is a mid range model from Karcher, the table below shows how it comes to the rest of the range in terms of power and waterflow.

 Karcher K2 Full Control
K4 Full Control Home

K5 Full Control Home

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer
Kärcher K2Kärcher K4Kärcher K5Kärcher K7
Pressure (Bar)110130145160
Water Flow (l/h)360420500600
Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour)20304060
Motor Watts1400180021002800
Detergent IntakeSuction TubePlug & CleanPlug & CleanPlug & Clean
Water suction-YesYesYes
Pressure Hose Length4m6m8m10m
Power Cord Length5m5m5m5m
Spray GunStandard high-pressure lance GunFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED Display
Perfect for...Bikes
Patio Furniture
Bikes & Cars
Outdoor Furniture
Garage Doors
Bikes, Cars & Vans
Outdoor Furniture
Larger Patios
Garage Doors
Cars, Vans & 4x4's
Outdoor Furniture
Large Patios
Garage Doors
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Pros & Cons of the Karcher K4 Full Control

The K4 is a great all rounder, here is a quick summary of the good and bad points.

Good Points

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Great for use on your car or cleaning your patio
  • Powerful yet quiet in operation
  • Can be used with a water butt
  • Comes with a  good patio cleaning attachment
  • Well priced all round pressure washer
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

Bad Points

  • The LED panel on the lance isn’t really needed
  • The storage section for the accessories and cable feel a little flimsy

In the Box

  • 1 x Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • 1 x Vario Lance
  • 1 x Dirt Blaster spray lance
  • 1 x T350 patio cleaner
  • 1 x 1L bottle of Stone and facade cleaner
  • 2 x AAA batteries (These are for the LED lights in the handle)

When you purchase the Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer, you will also get yourself a three-in-one stone detergent and façade cleaner. This is a powerful formula that ensures you get high cleaning performance, protection and care all in one step. So when you still have unkempt stone patios, facades and walls then you really don’t have an excuse.

Karcher K4
Our Rating
We love the Karcher K4, it is a good all rounder that has enough power for most tasks without breaking the bank. Perfect for car cleaning and washing down your patio and drive after winter.

Why Buy?

A good all-rounder, ideal for car cleaning, and getting the garden ready for the summer, enough power for most tasks while still being reasonably priced. The patio cleaner powered by the k4 is certainly powerful enough to tackle most driveways.

2 Year Warranty. The Karcher K4 comes with a full 2 year warranty covering against everything including malfunctioning or defects in material and workmanship.

Our Verdict

The K4 is a great all rounder, it is perfect for regular use and cleaning your car each week, it also packs enough punch to clean up your patio and driveway. The only real drawback is the price, although not the cheapest the Karcher K4 does come with a 3-year warranty and the premium model has a 5 year warranty. It is a solid investment, the new full control model improves on the well designed older K4 and is well built and designed, easy to use and internally has a powerful motor that really does make this pressure washer a good choice.

For us the K4 is great for users who want to clean their car, but also have a patio and driveway that needs cleaning down once or twice a year. The K4 gives enough power for both tasks while still not being as expensive as some of the most powerful pressure washers on the market.

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  1. Dean wilson

    Hi is it possible to use the full control trigger gun on a standard k-4 pressure washer
    Thank you for your time

  2. Chin Sin Tham

    I have a K3.65 jubilee, it leaks water and the machine on and off when I stop. I approach repair shop of Karcher agent and have no reply.

    I intend to buy K4 Premium Full Control Home, wonder the accessories of K3.65 are compatible with K4.

    • Anthony Pidcock

      Hi Chin,

      Yes the attachments from the K3.65 are compatible. I also had the same machine as you and have just upgraded to the K4.

  3. Andy nutt

    I just replaced my 3yr 2mth old k4.600 with a k4 full control as it started leaking internally/switching on and off. Now I find Karcher have altered the connection on the vario lance and dirt blaster so that they will not connect to my lance extension piece.

  4. Kay

    How do you get the plug and clean to work. I’ve put it in the place where it’s meant to go, but nothing comes out.
    Are you meant to pierce something or take the top off.
    Can you help please.

    • David.

      Hi Kay, you just pull the top off and plug it in…that’s how I did it and it works okay.

  5. Dave

    Hi, I’ve just bought a K4 full control and the pressure hose connection to the washer will not stay in.
    When I switch the machine on it blows out. Should it “click” in like the connection to the lance?
    Am I missing a trick?

    • George Deaves

      I found difficulty getting mine to make a proper connection. You need to push hard until a satisfying click is heard. The hose won’t pull out then.

  6. Michael Kowal

    Well that didn’t last long. 12 months and the patio cleaner washer arms inside the attachment have stopped going round.
    Not impressed with the quality at all. Not a device aimed for longevity.

  7. Paul Mercer

    Anyone had any problems with the flimsy wheels on their K4 Full Control? One of mine broke off with only a small deflection the first time I moved it!

  8. Brian O'Neill

    I want to buy an extension hose for my standard K4 washer. Do all extension hoses on sale meet the required standard?

  9. ADatta

    I can the K4 full control model be connected to a fixed garden tap or does it have to be a water butt or static water container?

  10. alaa eddin

    i have purchased k4 with hertz 60 my place is 50 hertz does it work safely

  11. Lena Dalton

    Can i use the karcher 4 on my water butt by linking it through my karcher sbp3800 garden water butt submersible pump?

  12. Lena Dalton

    Thanks for the advice. In the video it shows the K4 attaching to the water butt. Do you know if the water butt has to have a special tap or does the k4 just click over the existing tap?

  13. Mr moore

    Hi got a k4 full control. With internal hose reel can not find a replacement hose

  14. Ferenc Dobos

    Well I used the Kärcher K4 and its quite convenient to use, but not the most powerfull when it comes to baked on chewing gum. Today I tried another Petrol engine pressure washer and it was way more powerful than the Kärcher it simply obliterated the baked on chewing gum from the decking.

  15. Stewart Conway

    The machine may be OK but the company customer service sucks. I bought one of these, when I came to put it together screws were missing. Contacted the company – nothing!
    I really wish I’d bought the Clarks pressure washer from Machine Mart.

  16. Tim Dowe

    My k4 won’t tern on its 4year old I changed the fuse still no power I’ve hardly used it was ok the last time I used it

  17. Dave Bothamley

    Hose not long enough, it would be nice to have a longer hose and not have to buy a extention. Also a car brush , let’s face it most of us use it for cleaning the car more than anything else. Disappointing that I have to spend more money, not sure such a bargain on Amazon as I thought.

  18. Michael Boult

    I have used my K4 no more than 8 times and its blown a leak on the high power cable joint (split) and the cable holder (L shaped ) on back of machine !
    Total waste of time! They want me to pay for repair 134 pounds plus cost of parts !!!!!
    Rubbish machine!

  19. Richard Mullis

    Hi, what is the working pressure of this model? I believe the stated 130 bar pressure is max pressure ie. When the prv will activate. Terribly difficult to find info on the actual working pressure of these machines. Cheers.

  20. D Murdoch

    I have a Karcher K4 which is out of its warranty. I have used this product about 5-6 times and it is now no longer serviceable.
    A 2 year or 5 year warranty is useless, as a home user may only use it once or twice a year. On approaching a Karcher Service Agent who repairs this product, I found his premises overloaded with Karchers for repair. I also found that the pump is made from PLASTIC, and in my case a gasket blew and caused huge damage to the motor, which now needs all the parts renewed at huge cost.
    The cost to repair the product does not warrant fixing the Water Blaster, so what a total disappointment. I would not invest in another Karcher because of these problems. I now have the problem of discarding the item, and polluting the environment with this cast off.


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