Clean your Stainless Steel Exhaust in 4 Easy steps

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Once you have pressured washed your car it is all about the details, and if you have a chrome exhaust and tail pipe then you will want to bring it up like new. Over time it will get covered in dirt and water stains, as well as carbon buildup on the tip.

Exhaust Polish

Below is a great video on how to bring it up like new using Autosol Metal Polish.

How To Clean Exhaust Tips Like A Pro

  1. For a through clean take a small wire brush and clean around the inside of the tail pipe removing dirt and carbon buildup. Ensure you don’t catch your paintwork while doing this.
  2. Once done wipe it down with a damp cloth removing any dirt water stains.
  3. Apply a couple of little spots of Autosol Metal Polish to a cloth and rub into the tail pipe, around the outside, on the tip and at the end of the exhaust. Work it in and ensure it has been covered.
  4. Once applied take a clean microfibre cloth and polish the exhaust, cleaning it where you have applied the polish working it in and bringing it up like new.  Keep folded your cloth over so you keep polishing with a clean cloth. Don’t forget to wipe and clean around the inside of the tip removing any built up carbon.

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