Foaming A Car With A Karcher Foam Lance

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When you are using a foam lance on your vehicle, it is not only a fun activity to participate in, it also helps you to properly and safelymaintain the paint on your vehicle. If you introduce a Karcher foam lance into your car washing process, it will be able to remove dirt and grime from the paint without even having to touch your washing mitt or sponge. The Karcher foam lance will be able to help you get the job done sufficiently and satisfactory.

How to Foam Wash your Car

This video is a great guide on the steps to foam wash your car.

Foaming a vehicel with an Autobrite Foamlance for Karcher with Supa Snow Foam concentration of 1:4.

As you begin, you will fill the attachment with the foaming detergent and then you will connect this attachment to the trigger gun, or as it is also referred to as the lance. As the water passes through the lance and the foam nozzle, it draws the detergent up out of the attachment and mixes in with the water in a perfect ratio together. You will then spray it directly onto your vehicle.

It is prudent to make sure and cover every inch of your car with the foam to make sure that it receives the proper results of the foam washer. When you are operating this foam lancer, make sure you cover all of the areas that you are wanting to be surecomes out clean. If your vehicle is covered in dirt, there is no need to wash it first. You will just simply cover your entire vehicle with the foam.

After you have successfully covered your vehicle in this “snowy” foam, you will then let it sit for a few minutes. At this time, the foam will begin to start breaking down all of the grime or dirt that is covering your vehicle. The foam will start to thin out as it is getting rid of the dirt on you car.

Without having to scrub any part of your car, the foam that you sprayed from the Karcher lance, disposes of all grime on its own. It has a unique formula that helps to break down dirt from the surface of vehicles in a safe and quick way so that you are not scrubbing the paint on your car.

You will not need any type of sponges or mitts. All you have to do is spray the foam directly to the surface of you vehicle, and cover every spot.

When it has settled for a few minutes on the car, you will then need to remove the attachment for the detergent, and spray regular water through the lance to wash of the foam. When you are washing it off, make sure to remove all of the foam from the vehicle. After all of it has been removed, they paint and surface of the vehicle will have a bright shine to it, and it will be incredibly clean.

The dirt, grime, and mud will be removed and your car will have a better shine and look to it. The best part of the entire process, is the fact that you have the results that seem to show a lot of hard work to get it this clean, however, you have put hardly any effort into it.

Karcher FJ6 Foam Jet Nozzle

In conclusion, the Karcher foam lance is an incredibly beneficial way to clean your vehicle. It is safe and it is so easy to use that even a child could do it. The only work you have to do when using this lance, is to simply operate the trigger to the lance, and spray the foam and water all over your car. It is not a physically demanding task, and can be accomplished within just a few minutes. The Karcher foam lance has received many positive reviews and it is considered to be one of the best on the market to get the job done.

This lance has the ability to be used with any of the Karcher pressure washer systems, making this lance convenient. Another wonder benefit, is that this foaming lance is incredibly affordable, therefore, it is considered to be one of the best purchases.

It’s a very easy process of using it, and the fact that it is incredibly inexpensive, the Karcher foam lance is considered to be the number one choice when it comes to foaming and pressure washing your vehicle.

If you are not sure on the Karcher snow foam lance then check out the Autobrite Snow Foaming Lance, this also comes with detergant making it perfect for car cleaning right from the off.

Karcher snow foam detergent

As well as a snow foam gun you also need a detergent that will create a snow on your car when washing, we recommend Autoglym Polar Blast.

Our Choice
Autoglym Polar Blast
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Polar Blast is a snow foam that can be applied through a pressure washer or foam gun. It covers the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt and heavy soiling. Using a snow foam as a pre-wash can reduce the risk of scratches and swirls as it gently loosens dirt which is then rinsed off prior to shampooing.
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  1. martin oloughlin

    tons of it mate, do yourself a favour and get an autobrite direct lance and magicbrite snowfoam.

    • Scott Mac Taggart


      I’m just looking into this way of washing my car now that I have a car imminent for delivery that will show up swirl marks. Are you suggesting that I buy a Snow Foam Lance Karcher Connector (I have a Karcher K2 jetwash) rather than the Karcher version? Obviously the cost is much higher, as is the foam. also, is this a pre-wash and there needs to be a subsequent wash activity, or simply foam it up with this, and then wash off with water and dry?


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