Bosch Vs Karcher Pressure Washer. Which to Buy?

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In the UK Karcher is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric pressure washers, however next to them you will also find models from other brands such as Bosch and Nilfisk.

Which model from which brand you go for depends on a number of things when it comes to making your choice:

  • Value
  • Specification
  • Build Quality
  • Reliability

Karcher vs Bosch Pressure Washer

We compare and take a look at these two brands and how their pressure washers stack up adjacent each other on a number of points.


Bosch pressure washers tend to be cheaper to than the Karcher equivalent models, you also get more accessories too depending upon the package you go for. You certainly get more for your money with a Bosch pressure washer, for the price of a Karcher pressure washer you can get a more powerful Bosch model for the same price. Karcher are certainly at the more expensive end of the pressure washer range which ever model you look at, be it the entry models or the top end high spec power washers.

For value Bosch pressure washers are cheaper and certainly offer better value for your money.

Winner – Bosch


Which ever model you look at the specification is close and similar. When it comes to value the Bosch pressure washers do have a little bit more, either they are slightly higher in pressure compared to the similar Karcher model, they also tend to have a longer hose or an extra attachment thrown in too. Karcher models such as the K4, K5 and K7 all have a well built and designed water cooled motor which the Bosch models do not. They also now have a LED trigger gun in their ‘Full Control’ range which is new for 2016.

Depending on the model a Bosch pressure washer is generally better than the equivalent Karcher model.

Winner – Bosch

Build Quality

When buying a pressure washer no matter what the budget you want something that is well built, reliable and that will last. For both makes it doesn’t matter if you have a entry level model or the most expensive from the range, the general build and quality of parts reminds the same from what we can tell. So in terms of price the more expensive doesn’t mean a better quality and longer lasting pressure washer in terms of parts.

Winner – Draw


As mentioned before this is certainly one of the more important points, there is no point going for value and the cheaper model if it won’t last. If you plan on using it regularly then it is worth looking at a more powerful pressure washer just for convenience as the extra power is worth it making tasks quicker and easier.

Both should last for a good few years with general use however there could always be issues with both, that being said it is important to maintain and look after your power washer especially for winter to ensure water does not freeze damaging the motor and seal within which could cause terminal damage and leaks.

Online user reviews vary with some for both regarding reliability.

Both companies include 2-3 year warranty on their pressure washers and with Karcher premium models the warranty included can be up to 5 years which is worth the extra investment.

Winner – Draw

Editors Choices

If you are looking for a good all rounder that is well priced that is ideal for cleaning your patio, drive and car, then the Bosch High Pressure Washer AQT 37-13+ is a great choice. With a 6m hose, 130 bar and a water flow of 370 l/h it is a great choice and is very well priced making great value.

Our Choice
Bosch High Pressure Washer AQT 37-13+
Our Rating
The Bosch at 37-13 pressure washer is powerful and efficient, ideal for cleaning Bikes, cars, patios, driveways, garden furniture and guttering. It has a 1700 W motor and a 370 L per hour water flow rate for fast and efficient cleaning. The at 35-12 + comes with a 3-in-1 nozzle which provides a high pressure fan for general cleaning, a detergent nozzle and 90° nozzle, for easy detergent application, and a patio cleaner for fast and efficient cleaning of patios and driveways.
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Which to buy?

If you are looking for a budget pressure washer that you want to use on your car every so often, then either a Bosch or Karcher is there for you. Both have similar specifications and build, it really comes down to your budget and the package you want depending on what attachments you want included.

If you have a larger budget or are looking for something more powerful than the entry models then the new full control Karcher pressure washers are certainly worth considering, they are not cheap but they are good all rounders.

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  1. Sand

    Well that is funny because i see the bad reviews on the Karcher washers and can’t seem to find too many on the Bosch. I bought a Karcher once and had to return it for repair under warranty. They replaced it because the entire machine was cheaper then fitting an new pump. The new machine also blew up in a short time. After the third time i gave up and bought a Bosch for less money in the same category and that machine lasted 10 years.

    • shazman

      hello….may I know what is the modelname you bought? i’m looking to buy also for home and car. Thank you

    • Zayiden

      Yup. I heard that karcher’s mechanical problems. And it was hard to get the spare parts easily.

    • Roger

      Great comment stupidly i have karcher for a number of years they start off great but the reliabiltly of them is not great sorry to say so have now bought a bosch one if it last any where near as long as my bosch lawn mower i will be really impressed and si g there praises

  2. Andrew Pink

    Hello. I am confused over the Bar ratings. Some manufacturers give the Bar rating at 150/160 Bar max but are really 100/110 bar? What Bar rating is the one to look for, the maximum, of the working one? Also, some reviews state that the flow rate is the deciding factor, not the Bar rating.

    Please advise

    Thank you

    • Pressure Washer Reviewer

      Hi Andrew,

      Waterflow is the the amount of water pushed out per hour, this is important if you are cleaning your drive, allowing you to wash the dirt away quickly over a larger area. Bar pressure is the force the water comes out, the higher the pressure the easier it is to remove dirt and stubborn stains.

      Water flow shouldn’t be the deciding factor, you want a balance, no point having high waterflow but low pressure. It also depends how you intend to use your pressure washer.

      Working pressure is a better comparison.

  3. David Finch

    I don’t know what tests you used to determine reliability, but I have had three Karcher washers now, and not one has lasted longer than two years. I have now decided they are a complete waste of money and vastly over rated. I have now purchased a Bosch professional model, which cannot be any worse than the three Karchers I have wasted my money on.

  4. John Lewis

    I just purchased the Karcher K5 Premium from Amazon and found that it was badly made, cheap plastic and with a bit of use would easily fall apart. The ends of the lance are simply to flimsy and the patio/decking cleaner, if it picks up a small stone (by accident) breaks all the internal plastic clips holding the brush. Not what I expect from a premium product and price.

  5. john smith

    Great write-up Dan!! These pressure washers manual look great and like they have a lot of quality. The Briggs and Stratton engine is great and the big wheels are nice, I am a karcher pressure washer fan but that Briggs is nice. Like on Karcher pressure washers reviews, you explain it very well, Keep up the great work!! thanks for sharing this informative post.

  6. Andrew Shaw

    I made the mistake of buying a karcher k4.the thermal overload kept tripping the machine. This can happen if you use a cheap extension cable or if you don’t fully unwind it, but that was not the case. I took it back to B&Q and got my money back I’m now looking for a better quality machine.the German make kranzle.

  7. D White

    my bosch aquatek 1500 has just developed a leak after 16 years and i have ordered a bosch aquatek 160, i have used the bosch for 3 weeks continuous use all day for the last 16 years as i have a large property why would i even consider another make

  8. Stephen Cleary


    I have a Bosch AQT 37-13 which works brilliantly and has a good rate of flow etc . It is strong as well. However, comma, …… the is an inherent defect in the trigger handle. There is a fitted nylon bush on the main plunger of the handle mechanism which wears after around 500 pulls/releases. Releases being the movement against pressure that wears the bush. It is factory fitted and is unable to be replaced, hence a new trigger at $80, say each year .Four handles over four years is more than the unit costs so, goodbye to an otherwise excellent pressure washer. I think I’ll spend an extra $150 and get a Stihl.

  9. Trish

    I have just bought the aquatak 120 but was disappointed that there is no tap connection. How am I supposed to clean my backyard without water? Does anyone know if there’s a tap connector I can buy somewhere? Have tried Bosch but no joy there, may have to send it back and carry on with scrubbing it.


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