Blaupunkt Pressure Washer Reviews

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German company Blaupunkt have released their own pressure washers that are well spec’ed and good value. All their pressure washers come with a 3 year warranty, a range of accessories and compared to other power washer brands are really well priced making them good value.

Blaupunkt Pressure Washer PW4000

Their entry model is a great little pressure washer with some punch making it ideal for car cleaning and smaller tasks outdoors. The Blaupunkt Pressure Washer PW4000 is 135 bar with a 1800 watt motor. It has an 8m hose, has wheels on it to make it easy to move around just like a suitcase.

It has two nozzles, an adjustable one allowing you to change the spray and a Turbo nozzle that fires a rotating blast of water ideal for lifting ingrained dirt and algae from patios for example.

This model is ideal for car cleaning and lighter tasks, it is great value and ideal for people looking for their first pressure washer and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Blaupunkt Induction Pressure Washer PW7000

This is one of the top models from Blaupunkt and it is a powerful pressure washer that has lots of great features. First off it is 165 bar with a 2100 watt motor. It comes with a 8m long hose that can be wound up on the device for storage, it has a telescopic handle for moving and storing the pressure washer as well as detergent tank for soap and chemicals.

You also get 2 soft bristle brushes – a rotary brush that gently cleans paint without scratching and a detail brush ideal for cleaning awkward spots around wing mirrors, wheels and bike frames.

This model is perfect for car cleaning and more tough tasks such as cleaning you patio or decking, the patio fitment makes this ideal and a quicker task to carry out. The power this has makes it easy and quick to lift dirt from patios that may not have ever been cleaned bringing them up like new.

Both these models come with a 3 year warranty when you register your product online and also covered by our 30-day returns policy.

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  1. James Potts

    The pressure washer itself is very good but I haven’t had it one year and already the hose has burst. I don’t use it often and it hasn’t been misused so I am very disappointed.


      Cannot get the soap to siphon out of the appropriate nozzle even after turning down water pressure. There is no suction.


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