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If you are looking at buying a pressure washer then it is important you have a garden hose that can be connected to your outside tap, and then connected to the pressure washer itself. All pressure washers are ready to go, they just need setting up, plugging into the mains, and a water hose connected, so if you are buying a pressure washer make sure you buy a garden hose as well if you have not got one.

When buying a flexible garden hose for your pressure washer, think about other uses you may use it for, how big is your garden? This may impact which hose you by, if you have a large garden and want to water your flower beds in the summer, or water the grass when there is little rain then you will want to make sure you buy a hose that is long enough to reach these areas.

Best Garden Hose to use with Your Jet Washer

We round up some of the best and most popular garden hose reels that are great value and work well with your pressure washer.

Kärcher HR4.525 Hose Reel With 25m PrinoFlex Hose

This is a heavy duty and robust 25m jet wash hose from Karcher, it comes with a reel, HT4.500 Hose Trolley 2 Connectors and a spray gun. It also includes 3 Hose connectors and a hose connector with Aqua Stop as well as a tap adaptor. This hose reel will connect and work with all Karcher Pressure washers and can also be wall mounted.

Hozelock 2-in-1 Compact Enclosed Hose Reel with 25m Hose

With over 500 reviews on Amazon UK and a 4.5 star rating this is a great choice. It can be walled mounted and comes with a 25 metre multi purpose hose and full set of Hozelock connectors. It has an enclosed design giving protection to the hose, it also has a easy rewind action making it easy to wind away.

Hozelock Wall Mounted Compact Hose Reel with 15m Hose

If you are looking for a simple wall mounted hose reel then this is perfect. A simple hose reel that can be attached to your wall comes with a 15m hose, it also comes with a hose nozzle, 2 hose end connectors, a waterstop connector and a threaded tap connector.

Hozelock Auto Rewind 20m Hose Reel with Connectors

This great hose reel comes with a two-year guarantee  and comes ready-assembled, and ready to be wall-mounted. It has a 20 m of high-quality hose and is designed with an integral self-layering mechanism and an automatic hose rewind mechanism making it quick and easy to pack away when you have finished with it.

Kärcher HR7.320 Premium Hose Reel

The most expensive hose reel in this round up is this Karcher HR7.320, it comes with a 20m Primo flex garden hose, spray nozzle, 3 x Universal free flow connectors and a aqua stop connector as well as a 3/4″ Tap adaptor with 1/2″ reducer. There is a wall mounted reel that has storage below for all your garden hose connectors, it is a heavy duty reel and built to last.

When it comes to using tools and devices around your home, there are always parts of them that will need to be replaced so you get the proper results from your work. If you have a pressure washer, then you are well aware of the fact that the hose that attaches to it will end up needing to be replaced at some point because of the wear and tear that it will receive. There are several that are available online that are considered to be the best choice in pressure washer hoses for someone to purchase, and they are highly recommended by the individuals who have purchased them before you. You will be able to expect wonderful results from these different types of pressure hoses, and the customers that have purchased these hoses have stated that they are the number one picks online. This article will review the many different types of pressure washer hoses, and the amazing features that each one of them has.

Pressure Washer Hoses

These hoses are designed for use to extend or replace your pressure washer hose from the jet washer and your lance gun.

Kärcher Hose Extension for K2 – K7

This hose extension is designed for the Karcher pressure washers and suitable for models K2, K4, K5 and the K7.

A 6 meter high-pressure extension hose for greater flexibility for use with pressure washers. Simply connect between gun with Quick Connect connector and high-pressure hose. Robust DN 8 quality textile braiding reinforced, non-kinking hose with brass connector for durability Extension hose for pressures of up to 160 bar and temperatures up to 60 °C.

Apache Pressure Washer Hose

The Apache Pressure Washer Hose is a unique hose that can be used as an extension, or even a replacement, on either gas or an electric pressure washer. However, this hose is designed for cold water applications only.

For a prolonged service life, it has been constructed with a fabric that is reinforced and has the ability to resist scuffs and marks. It has incredible strength, durability, and flexibility and the Apache hose is 60% lighter than rubber. The features that the Apache Pressure Washer Hose comes equipped with are a warning on it that indicates that it is not for steam service, it is 60% lighter than rubber, it has incredible strength with beneficial flexibility, it is designed to be mark and scuff resistant, and it has bend restrictors as well. All of these features combined are what give this pressure washer hose a prolonged service life.

High-Pressure Hose

This hose is able to replace your existing pressure washer hose that may be damaged or even old and outdated.

This rubber hose is 15 meters in length and is detachable, and it is also resistant to a few things such as the weather, kinks, or even abrasions to make sure that the life of the Power Washer Universal Electric Pressure Washer Hose is prolonged. There are many incredible features that come with this pressure washer hose and they include a thermal rubber hose that is resistant to the weather, kinks, and abrasions, 360 degree rotation in the handle, it replaces existing pressure washer hoses that are old or damaged.

Simpson Gas Pressure Washer Hose

Another highly recommended pressure washer hose is the Simpson Pressure Washer Hose. It is only to be used with cold water pressure washers, and it is highly flexible and resistant to kinks. The jacket part of the hose is made out of polyurethane which allows for it to be abrasion resistant and non-marring, and it is designed to fit most of the gas pressure washer systems. The features that you will find that it comes equipped with are a lightweight polyester braid for an easier handling of the hose for cold water pressure washers, it includes a hose connector so you do not need any tools, it is kink resistant, highly flexible, and it is designed to fit most of the gas pressure washers.

The Simpson Pressure Washer Hose has been recommended highly by the customers who have purchased it and used it. They said that it was so easy to attach the pressure hose to their pressure washer with such ease and it was able to accomplish the job that they needed to have done.

In conclusion, searching for the best pressure washer hose isn’t an easy task to get done, however, with these amazing reviews, and the incredibly beneficial features that they come equipped with, you will definitely find what you are looking for with one of these pressure washer hoses. Most of these hoses are able to be used for many different types of pressure washer systems, and they are all so easy to use you will wonder why you haven’t made them your main purchase from day one.

B & S Craftsman And Generac Pressure Washer Hose

The B & S Pressure Washer Hose is one of the top selling hoses in the market of pressure washer hoses. It is able to fit most pressure washers that are up to 3,000 PSI, and the textile braided hose is designed to be able to be used on a gas pressure washer, or even an electric pressure washer. This hose is manufactured by Schieffer who assembles the hose and makes them in a highly controlled, state of the art, and modern hose factories.

This company has made more high pressure hoses more than any other pressure hose company has, and it stands alone since it is rated as the number one factory in this industry. There are several beneficial features that this pressure washer hose comes equipped with and they include a smooth thermo plastic covering, made with high quality components, a seamless inner tube, superior strength, kink resistant, and a textile braided reinforcements. It is one of the highest recommended pressure washer hoses on the market.

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