Pressure Washer Buying Guide [Infographic]

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There are many things to consider when looking at buying a pressure washer, from the water flow, hose length, features, attachments and its actual pressure itself. With that in mind we have a infographic detailing everything you need to know and consider when looking at electric power washers, and also a round up of 10 things you can use your pressure washer on.

Pressure Washer Infographic

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Pressure Washer Buying Guide Infographic

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Buying a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great for outdoor use cleaning you car, bike, van or boat. After many years of dirt, grime and moss your patio and driveway maybe looking tired, however a pressure washer can transform this giving it a new lease of life and bring it up like new. This works great on concrete and patio slabs removing all those years of dirt and green moss stains. While outside patio furniture be it wood or plastic can be washed down, tired looking wood benches can be transformed while the same can also be said for fencing and your garage door.

BBQ’s are great in the summer however when it comes to having one it always looks uninviting and not great for cooking food on with old greasy stains left or dirt collected on it, your power washer can blast this all away cleaning it up in minutes. This is great for metal racks and grills that can be a fiddle to clean and remove the dirt and grease, with a pressure washer this can be done in no time. Other uses not shown in the infographic above include washing out your smelly wheelie bin, cleaning your gutters and removing blocked down pipes, or how about using your pressure washer to create some reverse art on your patio?

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When it comes to buying one take into consideration how you intend to use it and other tasks you may not have thought about. Depending on how you will use it will decide the sort of specification you will want, if you want to bring your patio up like new then something with a high bar pressure and waterflow is important, as well as a patio cleaning attachment. If you shall just be using it for your car then the pressure won’t need to be as high and you can look at the lower end of the pressure washer range.

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