Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD Pressure Washer Review

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Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD pressure washer
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Summary: The Nilfisk pressure washer is ideal for cleaning most areas around the home, including outside areas and the windows. It is easy to use, and the accessories that are supplied with the washer makes it very versatile.

The Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD pressure washer can be used to clean everything from your car to your driveway, and it will do so with speed and ease. Nilfisk are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment, and have been producing pressure washers for over 30 years.

The Need to Know

Pressure (Bar)
Waterflow (l/h)
Motor (watts)


The Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD pressure washer is a solid and well built device with the power to go with it.

Waterflow – 440 l/h
Pressure – 120 Bar
Hose Length – 6m
Motor – Air-Cooled

This popular pressure washer comes with a patio cleaner attachment, wash brush and nozzle attachments, all of which click and connect in place.


The washer has a 1400W air cooled motor and a metal pump which is designed to be tough and durable. The pressure can reach 120 bars and is capable of allowing 440 litres of water per hour flowing through it. The pressure washer weighs 10kg and is wheel mounted which means it feels lightweight when it is in use.

The spec of this model makes it ideal for cleaning your car, patio furniture, and the patio itself. The pressure and water flow of this power washer makes it ideal for small to medium sized patios, if you have anything larger you may want to look for something with a bigger water flow rate to make the process a bit quicker.

The pressure washer is cased within blue recyclable plastic, and this helps to protect the washer from becoming damaged. It has wheels and a handle so it can be moved around easily when you are using it. It is also easily connected to an outdoor tap or water butt.

It is a lightweight design and fully movable with wheels, handle and onboard storage making it great to pack away and store in the shed or garage ready for use with everything where it needs to be. Weighing nearly 10kg it is very robust and sturdy.


There are several accessories that are supplied with this washer that help you to get the best from the machine. The click and clean nozzle allows you to change between accessories quickly and easily. There is also a 6m hose, wash brush and ergonomic handle supplied with the washer.


A good solid pressure washer from a brand you can trust, if you want something that is ideal for car cleaning then this is worth a look, enough power for getting your car sparkling and a 6m hose and 440 l/h water flow will get it done in no time.


Not quite enough power to tackle your drive.

In the box

With the Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD X-Tra Big Accessory Pressure Washer you get:

1 x Big Accessory Pressure Washer C120 6-6 PCAD X-Tra Pressure Washer
1 x Detergent dosing bottle and foam applicator
1 x Powerspeed nozzle
1 x Vario nozzle
1 x 6 Metre hose
1 x Soft Grip Gun
1 x Click&Clean lance
1 x Patio Cleaner
1 x Wash Brush and Drain and Tube Cleaner

Bottom line

The Nilfisk pressure washer is ideal for lighter jobs such as car cleaning, washing down you patio and furniture, it is well priced and good value for the performance and spec of the machine. It has over 300 reviews on Amazon UK and a 4.5 star rating, so it is certainly a good pressure washer. Compared to the Karcher K2 which is similar this is great value and has a good range of attachments, the Nilfisk C120 6-6 PCAD X-Tra Big Accessory Pressure Washer is a good deal and very well priced, it also has a 2 year warranty making it a sound investment.

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  1. Glen Sibley , Coven , Staffordshire

    I ordered mine from CPC and it came next morning
    I looked well made and assembly instructions were very clear and easy to follow. My experience in assembling such items allowed me to assemble the unit in a few minutes
    on first use I noticed how powerful it was ( m y previous model was 100 b at) so at 20% more powerful it was very noticeable. The Pressure tended to lift the patio cleaner up off the surface and needed firm pressure to hold it down on the slabs to effect good cleaning action. Having used Patio cleaning fluid first and allowing 15 minutes for it to act my yellow slabs cam up like new removing the winter grime effortlessly. Then I moved on to the block paving paths and Patio which were very dirty and had some green algae stains.90& of the green stains removed and paving blocks are as clean as I have seen then in 3 years. very impressed with the product and would class it highly recommended and excellent for the job

  2. Keith Douglas Mercer

    I have a Nilfisk 120 pressure washer. Please advise if it would be safe to use on a blocked Kitchen sink using the Drain cleaner attachment

  3. Roger Scott

    It’s a powerful well built unit with a good range of accessories, I have had mine for 2 years now and use it annually to jet wash my bringle block large patio. The results with the High Pressure nozzle are amazing, unfortunately my nozzle is playing up and oscillating,I have probed the jet with the supplied cleaning pin and back flushed but to no avail,so it’s online and buy a replacement nozzle. The rotating patio spray nozzle is a waste of time I will rate the machine 5/5, the accessories ??.


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