Karcher Pressure Washer Coupons & Discount Codes

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We have rounded up coupons, discount codes and the best deals for the Karcher pressure washer range including the K2, K4, K5 and the top spec K7.

Karcher Discount Codes

At the moment there are no active discount codes or coupons for any of the Karcher Pressure Washer models.

Click below to find the lowest prices online.

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Below is a table rounding up the Karcher Pressure Washer range showing the different models and how they compare to each other. You can view their spec, click through to read our review and see how we rate them.

 Karcher K2 Full Control
K4 Full Control Home

K5 Full Control Home

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer
Kärcher K2Kärcher K4Kärcher K5Kärcher K7
Pressure (Bar)110130145160
Water Flow (l/h)360420500600
Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour)20304060
Motor Watts1400180021002800
Detergent IntakeSuction TubePlug & CleanPlug & CleanPlug & Clean
Water suction-YesYesYes
Pressure Hose Length4m6m8m10m
Power Cord Length5m5m5m5m
Spray GunStandard high-pressure lance GunFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED Display
Perfect for...Bikes
Patio Furniture
Bikes & Cars
Outdoor Furniture
Garage Doors
Bikes, Cars & Vans
Outdoor Furniture
Larger Patios
Garage Doors
Cars, Vans & 4x4's
Outdoor Furniture
Large Patios
Garage Doors
Our ReviewRead our ReviewRead our ReviewRead our ReviewRead our Review
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Each model can be bought in the eco, home or premium pack, the pressure washer is the same spec, it is what is included and comes with it in terms or attachments that is different. Make sure you check on Amazon to see which is the best value for you when you buy your pressure washer, they will have some great deals and some of the lowest prices online.

If you are looking for something to use to clean your car then check out the K2 and K4 models, if you are looking at tackling your patio and driveway and want to bring it up like new then the extra power in the K5 and K7 models will make a huge difference in the end job and also the speed in which it is done.

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