Kärcher K2 Compact Home Air-Cooled Washer Review

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Kärcher K2 Compact Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer
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Summary: A great entry level pressure washer, the Karcher K2 is ideal for car cleaning, washing down garden furniture and removing dirt from your patio, all at a reasonable price.

This model is now discontinued, however Karcher have released a new K2 Full Control version, read our review here.

Kärcher K2 Compact Home Review

If you are looking at getting your first pressure washer then the Kärcher K2 Compact Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer is one to consider, it is Karchers entry model and cheapest of the range retailing at around £75.

The Need to Know

Pressure (Bar)
Waterflow (l/h)
Motor (watts)


The Kärcher K2 Compact is a perfect washer for washing your car or bike.

Waterflow – 360 l/h
Pressure – 110 Bar
Hose Length – 4m
Motor – Air-cooled
Watts – 1400

Included with this model is the Vario Lance, Dirtblaster and T150 Patio Cleaner.

The difference between the Kärcher K2 Compact Home, and the Kärcher K2 Compact is what is included, the unit, specification is all the same, the difference is that this model, the Kärcher K2 Compact Home includes the T150 Patio Cleaner.


As an entry level model the specification reflects this, the key figures are the 110 bar pressure powered by a 1400 watt air cooled motor, generating a water flow of 360 l/h. Now if you compared this with something at the other end of the Karcher range then these are low, however this is where it depends on your use.

The Kärcher K2 Compact packs enough power to tackle car cleaning, washing down your patio furniture or washing leaves off your pathway. The water flow on this model is low at 360 l/h, so the amount of water being forced out isn’t as high as other models in this same price range, this means that cleaning your car may take a little longer and an increase in this will make a difference.


The Karcher K2 home and car pressure washer is not only compact and lightweight, it also packs a punch at 110 pressure bar with 1400 watt motor. It also comes with a range of accessories ideal for  a selection of tasks.

The machine comes with extremely powerful motor that has an in-built air cooling mechanism. This helps to supply fresh cool air to the motor all the time when the device is being used. A cool motor means a long life for the washer. The pressure of the water is highly powerful and get for cleaning you car or garden furniture.

The Karcher K2 home pressure washer comes with an automatic Start / Stop motor meaning that the machine itself known when it is ideal and switches off the motor. The pressure washer also has a shock –proof twistable rubber coated On/ Off switch. There is also storage the One Way Lance, Dirt-blaster and electrical cable. There are slots for each as well as a  detergent pipe, perfect for cleaning a much more murkier dirt then the washer has a detergent suction tube available.

It’s well priced as compared to many of its counterparts and doesn’t hit the wallet to hard. It is the best deal as a number of accessories are supplied along with the new kit and you need not buy them separately.

The K2 compact, is what it says, compact, it doesn’t have any wheels on it but is small and light enough to be easily carried around, it also has two clips on it as well for easy storage of attachments.


Included with the Kärcher K2 Compact Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer is:

1. One Way Lance: This accessory supplies a contact flow of water pressure that can be used to clean the outdoor furniture, patios, cars and bicycles. The continuous flow helps to get an even cleaning throughout the area.

2. Dirt Blaster: When the lance did not perform the desired cleaning you can switch onto the dirt blaster that has a rotating nozzle and you get a much more powerful water pressure the company states that the nozzle provides a 50% greater power. All kinds of grime and sticky dirt can be removed from my pathway.

3. T150 Patio Cleaner: Many of the entry level washers do not come with a patio cleaner but the Karcher K2 has a patio cleaner included in its accessories list.

4. High Pressure Hose: The 4m hose is simple to connect with the jet and the main pump. An ideal length for cleaning the car.

It is important to note that the high pressure hose is from the pressure washer itself to the spray gun, you will need a hose pipe that goes from your garden tap or water butt and connects to the input on the unit, this is not included.

Perfect for…

As an entry level model pressure washer it is certainly good enough to get your car shining, it is lightweight and compact and easy to set up, it is powerful enough to remove dirt from your car and stains on your alloys, while not being to intense to damage any paintwork.

If you are thinking of using it to clean your patio or driveway then we would advise taking a look at the next models up, perhaps the K4 or K5, the higher pressure will make a huge difference. The K2 will clean your patio, however the lower pressure will mean it struggles with some dirt and grime, also the lower water flow means it will also take quite a bit of time to get it done.

The K2 is perfect for car and bike cleaning, washing down garden furniture, removing leaves from your patio, washing down pots and small patios.

User Reviews

At the time of this review there have nearly 600 reviews on Amazon.co.uk giving a 4.5 star rating, this is one pressure washer to certainly consider!

As the lowest on the rung in terms of pricing you’d naturally expect a dip in quality but not with Kärcher. This small unit delivers a very high pressure and completely destroys any algae and ground staining with its various attachments, and when you look at the catalogue after purchase you realise that its a small investment you’ve made into stress free and easy cleaning as the other attachments are suited to a vast array of uses, you can see how it will save a lot of time, effort and money as you won’t have to fork out on bottles of patio cleaner.” Amazon Customer

Why Buy?

A great entry level pressure washer at a good price, compact and easy to use, ideal for cleaning your car and bike, or getting your patio furniture and BBQ ready for the summer.

2 Year Warranty. The Karcher K2 comes with a full 2 year warranty covering against everything including malfunctioning or defects in material and workmanship.

The K2 is lightweight, easy to move and perfect for around the garden, a great base range model that makes a great first pressure washer.

Bottom Line

Overall it is wonderful, and a perfect machine for smaller home gardens, bicycles, small patios and cars. The company provides a 2 year guarantee for the machine as well, which gives good security to the investment.

If you are looking to clean your patio too then we would certainly recommend checking out the next model up which is the K4 which is more powerful and maybe better suited if you shall be cleaning your car every week.

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At around £80 it is great value and a good investment if you just want to use it to clean your car each month, as a first pressure washer this is also a good starter and entry model. You can easily purchase extra attachments that will work with other models too if you decide to upgrade at a later point.

Number 1 seller on Amazon UK, it is well built, good entry spec and compact design make it a winner for any first time pressure washer buyer, great value and a good investment, you can’t go wrong. If you are looking to use it just for car cleaning then check out our Karcher K2 Premium Home and Car Pressure Washer bundle review here.

Click the link below for the Karcher K2 home and car pressure washer best price on Amazon.



  1. Tom

    When you are finished using so you switch water off and press trigger to drain it or do you leave it with water in the system

  2. Ruwan

    I purchased a Karcher Pressure washer 2 years ago and I used it only to wash the car (Prius) every Saturday. While I was using it last Saturday it died! I took for repairs to the Agent and they said motor burnt out! They also said that they have to replace the motor to check whether the pump is in working order! To replace the motor it was 3xxx/- to replace the pump and the motor 16xxx/- the estimate cost is 16xxx/- as they cannot check the pump without replacing the motor! A new unit can be purchased for 18xxx/- (not from the agent!) what do I do?

    • Hank G van de Weg

      Hi, my K2 which I bought 0n 28th March 2015, 1 month out of warranty, also packed up when I tried to use it. have only used it three times since bought. Armature commutator has packed in. Field coil seems good. Cannot find a replacement armature. Not too happy with this product.

  3. Graham Keys

    Fully agree. Have had 2 now. Both packed in after 4 days of use each, admittedly using once a year. Taken it out of shed after last summer, leaking profusely and motor losing power. Now useless.

  4. M. Kolak

    I bought a K2 compact high-pressure cleaner. Ranging from moderate usage to occasional duty, I have used the machine with such care and delicateness, of course, while following the manual\’s instruction in sharp details. After less than six months, while the machine was operating for 10 minutes only, it started making loud noises and smelled burned. Having the machine under the guarantee, I took it to the service center of the local dealer to examine it. There I was told the following by the technician: • There has been a water leak into the motor; • The motor itself was burned completely, which costs around the same value of the appliance; • The water leak was caused by a machine defect in the isolation of the device itself and not by a misuse of any sort; • However, the retailer cannot repair it under the warranty, as it does not cover motor defects coming from burns; I contacted the company head of maintenance and customer service which refused to replace me the machine for a factory defect, since a German manufacturer couldn’t make production mistakes! I was stuck in a circle of (not my fault-warranty-my fault- cannot be repaired – not my falt again), which costed much efforts and time than from my side than I could bear. The technician was so kind to allow me into the maintenance room to show me the defect, place of leak and take some pictures for documentation. I made my choice for Kaercher above other similar products/manufacturers for its quality, well-built and durability, although the machine as such was 2x times more expensive than similar products. It has proven to be very good and I was very satisfied with the device. However, durability has failed to live up to my expectations.

    • sam

      I am so unsatisfied with Karcher, they coned me with a scam that I couldn’t believe a company like this can do. I bought their top of the line equipment the K7 Karcher Premium plus pack, printed on the box £50 cash back, the sales man confirmed that there is a £50 voucher inside, so I bought it. once opened the box, there is no voucher, so I called the customer care and they claimed you have to wait for 30 days to claim so I did, after they denied and asked me to buy a further equipment so they can make it a £100. so I spent over £2000 on Karcher, to only hear that the offer is past and gone. I have shown them the trail of emails and receipts, but they literary told me tough luck. they are thugs and a mickey mouse operation, I strongly advise you NOT to Buy from these Rip-offs, they will scam you.

  5. Antony Strover

    I purchased a K2 compact washer about 3 years ago, primarily to clean my drive which it did quite well. since then I have used it on the odd occasion to clean the car, maybe 5 or 6 times. I went to use the machine the other day and it started to leak from an area at the bottom of the pump, when I turned it on the leak became a gush and the pump kept running.
    I have always followed the instructions supplied and it has always been stored indoors.
    I realise this is a basic washer but I do expect better reliability from Karcher , needless to say I am very disappointed and wished I’d bought a cheeper brand instead, a case of not getting what you pay for.

  6. David King, Brighton

    After three uses my Karcher K2 failed spectacularly in a shower of sparks, I removed the cover to find that both brushes and part of the motor armature had disintegrated.
    I wrote to Karcher who have cancelled the warranty as I had opened the machine.
    I find their customer service disgusting and would advise all not to purchase their products.

  7. carol jAMES

    I went to use my Karcher 2 to clean the patio which we bought last year, it’s only been used for 2 seasons to clean a small patio and now leaking and no power, very very dissapointed in this product.

  8. David Parnell

    I purchased this unit less than 2 years ago and it has failed after minimal use. An inspection has revealed that several of the motor armateur commutator strips have ‘disappeared and that the brushes are practically non-existant. I will be looking for an alternative before purchasing this product again.

  9. Richard Richardson

    Got brought karcher as a present for my birthday, was sold it under the pretense it would run fine using water from a butt. However this is not the case, even when using an interal pump pushing 400w and 2800 p/h water flow it but dribbles. This thing boasts using 360 p/h flow and yet fails. Wont buy a karcher again, they are useless to price you pay. The pressure i brought from Aldi holds a constant power pressure costs less and lasts longer.

  10. David Parnell

    Purchase a Karcher K2 in 2016, less than 4 hours of use and it failed. An inspection revealed burnt out commutator segments and brushes severely worn. Unfortunately no proof of purchase retained. I intend to forward photographs of the armateur and suitable comments to Karcher.

  11. Christopher Neary

    K2 compact is a great product. Only problem I find is after use when taking the power hose off the unit for storage, need to prise lock mechanism off with a screwdriver, due to pressure on the fitting. Hose then flies out at speed, so be careful.

  12. Farid

    A lot of people complaint on how does the motor burnt quickly. I was told by the seller that Karcher K2 will not last for more than 1/2 hours of continuous use. It required to be “cooled” 1st before use again. Also, to ensure the motor “last for a long time”, you need to avoid continuous pulling the trigger of the gun, ie pull the trigger for 10 sec, and the stop for 5 second, then repeat.

    That is what you get from small, air-cooled motor, high pressure washer =/

  13. Paul Smith

    Reading all of the bad reviews of the k2, I’ve been using my k2 every week for the past 4 years and its still working now.

  14. Andrew Marshall

    Please don’t buy a karcher pressure washer if you are used to good customer service theirs is none existant my pressure washer bought in Jan 2017 and covered by their 2 year warranty has stopped working ! You cannot get to speak to anyone on the phone I have had contact via live chat and sent proof of purchase and product info address and contact details etc on the worth April and I have had no response from them I called today and after 40 min on hold I got to speak to someone who took all of my details again and promised to call back at 5 tonight guess what no call back the service is so poor I cannot believe it
    Please do not buy their product it is just not worth the hassle !

  15. J Hulland

    Hi Just found out my pressure washer with limited use, stored indoors, is leaking Contacted Karcher for a local supplier repair. A repair cost more than a new one
    I will be buying a new one but not a Karcher

  16. A. Brown

    My Karcher K2 is a few years old but hasn’t had much use. Wouldn’t work properly this week as the pressure hose kept flying off. The plastic threaded ‘coupling’ is properly tightened up but just continually flys off after a few seconds of use. The threaded ‘coupling’ does not looked damaged. Any ideas, similar problems?

  17. T

    I’ve had 2 karcher k2 and they have both been a disappointment I’d have do e better to have used my money fur a full valet by a garage fir the use I’ve had out if them leaking, pulsing after a handful of use. Anyone want to buy any lances?


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