Kärcher Ghostbusters TV Advert 2016

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Karcher have released a new TV advert for 2016 that includes the Ghostbusters to promote their new ‘Full Control’ pressure washers.

The Karcher television advert starts off with the Ghostbusters theme tune music with green ghosts at the window, a guy looking like a ghost buster comes out with his new Karcher pressure washer and blasts them away, removing moss from his decking, dirt from his car before cleaning the ghostbuster logo into a dirt patch on a white wall of the house and building.

Watch the latest TV advert below.

What is the pressure washer on the Kärcher Ghostbusters advert?

The pressure washer in the advert is the new 2016 Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer. The K5 comes with a LED display trigger gun which you see in the advert. There is a hose reel at the back of the unit making storage of this very easy and simple.

Kärcher Pressure Washer Advert Song 2016: Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

Pressure Washer used: Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The additional home kit comes with a T350 and 1L bottle of stone detergent, making cleaning those larger areas simple. It has a extendable aluminium handle that makes transporting your pressure washer easy, it also comes with a 5 Year Warranty too.


  1. Mrs l Bullett

    I am writing on behalf of my son James who is 9, he saw the advert today and said that the maker of the advert should have got the man to wear the karcher washer like a proton pack in the Ghostbusters film, using special effects.


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