How to Two Bucket Wash Car Method

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A two bucket wash method is a process where you use two buckets to wash your car, one bucket is filled with water mixed with the car was detergents like shampoo solution and the second bucket is filled with clean water that is used to rinse your car after washing. This bucket wash method for your car is ideal if you are without a hose and don’t have a pressure washer.

Over the years, this method has been known as the best method used to wash cars. The main reason to use two buckets is to prevent or reduce the transfer of small grit particles and dirt during washing which can cause light scratches and swirl marks on your car. In this method, after washing a small part of the vehicle, you have to deep the washing implement into the rinse bucket and clean it thoroughly before moving to the other part of the car.

Two-Bucket Wash Method

For you to carry out the process two bucket wash, you will need to have at least the following equipment, two grit guards, two wash mitts, drying towel, two five gallon buckets and car soap of your choice.

Grit Guards & Dirt Traps

When using the 2 bucket method, grit guards are a must, placed in the bottom of your buckets they stop any grit from being picked up and used on your mitten when washing. When dunking them into the bucket and grit that may have been picked up will sink to the bottom below the guard preventing it being picked up again. You certainly don’t want any grit wiped over your paint work as it will scratch or make the paint.

These guards are perfect for buckets and just drop into the base.

The first thing to do is to insert a grit guard in one the bucket; this bucket will be used as a rinse bucket. Fill it to about three quarter with clean water. Onto the second bucket add about one-gallon water and mix with the soap solution using the cap and place the second grit into the wash bucket.

Generally, it is recommended to start with the roof of the car and then start washing down the vehicle as you wash a single panel at a time. As you wash a single panel of your car you have to rinse the wash mitt to remove any solid particles in the second bucket; this process is mainly to remove all the particles that might be present on the wash mitt to prevent any scratching to your car.

After you are done the washing of your first panel, deep the wash mitt into the second bucket, that is filled with clean water and a grit guard at the bottom to remove any dirt you could have accumulated on the wash mitt.

After washing the wash mitt and ensuring all the dirt have been removed, squeeze out the remaining water and deep it back into your first bucket that is filled with the washing solution and continues washing the second panel.

You should also use the grit guard in the wash bucket to ensure any particles that were not removed in the rinse bucket are captured under the bucket and will not be picked by the washing mitt.

You can confirm the effectiveness of this method by slowly pouring out the rinse bucket to see the grit and dirt that will have collected in the process. The main difference between this method and the single bucket method is that after washing each panel of the car, you have to rinse and squeeze your washing mitt before continuing to wash the second bucket. You can, therefore, reduce the scratching damage on your car when you are washing it by and using grid guards, micro fibre towels to dry your car.

Why Use the Two Bucket Wash Method?

Car enthusiast knows the pain of seeing your car paint covered in swirls and scratches. This method is about providing a safe car washing experience that will leave your car safe and clean with the original appearance without any swirls and scratch pattern on your car. Most of the car scratches are as a result of pushing dirt on the surface of your vehicle. So when you eliminate dirt particles from your wash up and washing mitt, you will be minimising the damage.

Chemical Guys have a great video that shows how to do the two wash method.

Important things to know

Apart from releasing dirt from your washing materials, the grit guard traps the dirt and keeps it at the bottom of the bucket and prevents it from circulating back into the washing mitt.

The use of microfibers wash mitt another factor that makes this method to be best; the fibres collect dirt away from the paint surface. It does not make direct make any direct contact worth the paint thus reducing the chances of inducing swirls marks.

It is always recommended to wash your car in a cool place, washing your car when is hot can increase the chances of inflicting scratches on the car, when the car paint is hot, it becomes too soft, and in the process, It makes it possible for scratches to be developed quickly.

When you are one of those people who like washing your car regularly, the majority of dirt will be looser; it is therefore recommended to always wash your car thoroughly well with the pressure washer to remove any dirt before you start doing the hand wash.

Circular motions, dirt and pressure cause swirls, so it is good to never press down with force on the paint when washing your car. You are supposed to allow the mitt to glide the paint without exerting any pressure on it.

Don’t let water to dry on your car. Depending on the climate of where you stay, don’t allow water to dry on your car after washing it, dry it well using a towel and let it dry under the shade.

If you see some cloudy films on the paint surface of your car after you have dried it, then it merely means you used too much soap when washing it. So you have to reduce the amount of soap solution that you use in your wash up next time you want to wash your car. Try to use a measuring cup to avoid putting too much amount of washing solution into the washing bucket.

If the microfibre towel falls to the ground, never use it to wash your car unless you wash It properly and make sure you didn’t have any foreign materials left on the towel. You should always have more than three washing towel to avoid any rush to use on that has accidentally fallen.

So we have seen two bucket method is one of the best and an easy process that one can use to wash his car in a better way without making it develop any swirls and scratches, try this method and tips and you will have a wonderful washing experience

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