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People who are considering purchasing Bosch Pressure Washers should spend some timecomparing Bosch Pressure Washers, because there are subtle differences with all of them. They are more or less equal in terms of quality. However, their specific power levels and uses vary, along with some of their subtler characteristics.

Comparing Bosch Pressure Washers initially can allow customers to make truly informed decisions.

Comparing Bosch Pressure Washers

This table compares the different Bosch pressure washer models.

 AQT 35-12+AQT 37-13AQT 37-13+AQT 40-13AQT 42-13AQT 45-14 X
Cleaning taskSmall Cars, Motorbikes, Patios, BBQs, Garden FurnitureFamily Cars, Motorbikes, BBQs, Garden Furniture and PotteryFamily Cars, Motorbikes, Patios, Gutters, BBQs, Garden Furniture and PotteryCleaning windows, bikes, large cars and patiosCleaning large cars, driveways and patiosCleaning large vehicles, driveways and patios
Pressure (bar)120130130130130140
Flow Rate (L/hr)350370370400420450
Power (W)150017001700190019002100
Machine Weight (Kg)
Hose length (m)566678
Nozzle3 in 13 in 13 in 1Fixed Fan JetFixed Fan JetVariable Fan Jet
Patio Cleaner
90 degree Nozzle
Wash Brush
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At an event in Bangalore, India, popular DIY product brand Bosch added 3 new models to their Home & Car High-Pressure Washer range. These included:

  1. Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+
  2. Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12
  3. Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

These 3 new models are suitable for different levels, from low end to high, tough heavy dirt. The lower end model, Aquatak AQT 33-11 is for low dirt removal making it ideal for cycle bikes, or patio furniture. The mid-level Aquatak AQT 35-12 was built to clean four wheelers with normal everyday dirt, making it great for your car. The bigger and more powerful model, the Aquatak AQT 37-13+ is for heavy dirt removal mailing it perfect for cleaning your driveways, thought stains and dirt on your caravan, van or 4×4.

Bosch is a company that is committed to seeing to it that you achieve all your cleanliness goals whenever you need to, with the least amount of effort being utilized. They have over the years capitalized in the manufacture of state-of-the art pressure washers which have proved essential to home and industrial cleaning purposes. Bosch has also managed to stay relevant in the market by ensuring that all the products and accessories they manufacture are tailored to meet their customers’ needs. The electric pressure washer is one perfect example of the products.

Along with providing one of the best electric pressure washers there could be in the world, Bosch also invests such a substantial amount of their resources in the manufacture of the accessories for the washers. These accessories have proven quite useful when being used in conjunction with the pressure washers and when used for replacement purposes when the old ones are out of shape.

AQT 33-11

This Bosch compact pressure washer is small, handheld and packs a punch. The hand held device is small but still pumps out 110 bar pressure and has a water flow of 330 L/H. It comes with a 3 meter hose and a 1350 watt motor.

Bosch EasyAquatak 120 High Pressure Washer
Our Rating
A small pressure washer that still packs a punch. The handheld design makes it so easy to carry around as well as the size and weight of it. Ideal for small tasks and for users that want something easy to move around with.

The size of this makes it ideal for people that live in a flat or apartment, allowing them to clean their bike outside on the ground floor or balcony. At only 4kg this is very lightweight and easy to carry with the built in handle. Read our review on the Bosch AQT 33-11 High Pressure Washer here.

Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

  • Maximum Pressure 110 Bar
  • Flow Rate 330 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 3.8kgs
  • 1300 W Motor Power

AQT 35-12+

This is the Bosch Pressure Washer that is ideal for some of the smaller cleaning jobs that people might have in mind. Customers who are trying to clean off their patios, outdoor furniture, decks, or driveways will find that the AQT 35-12+ is up to the task. The AQT 35-12+ is also fine for cleaning small cars or motorcycles.

However, the AQT 35-12+ has a power level of 1500 W, and customers are usually going to need something more powerful than that for some larger jobs. The hose is 5 meters long, which is long enough in most cases but not remarkably so. At only 5.5 kg, this is the lightest of the Bosch Pressure Washers, which is great for people who are using this for relatively small jobs. The pressure bar is 120 and the flow rate is 350 L/hr. As such, this is a powerful enough washer for the right tasks.

Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12

  • Maximum Pressure 120 Bar
  • Flow Rate 350 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 5.53kgs
  • 1500 W Motor Power

The features for the AQT 35-12+ are not especially numerous compared to what customers will find with other Bosch Pressure Washers, since there is no wash brush, no patio cleaner, and no ninety-degree nozzle. The washer is also equipped with a 3 in 1 nozzle. Overall, the AQT 35-12+ should still suffice for the right jobs.

AQT 37-13

The AQT 37-13 can do everything that the AQT 35-12+ can do, but it’s capable of cleaning family cars and pottery as well thanks to its comparatively high pressure, flow rate, and power ratings. The AQT 37-13 is also equipped with the patio cleaner feature.

Its hose is a meter longer than the AQT 35-12+, which makes the device more effective at cleaning distant areas and objects. The AQT 37-13 also weighs 6.5 kg, making it heavier than the smallest washer in the line, but certainly not the heaviest. The AQT 37-13 has a somewhat wider range of capabilities than the AQT 35-12+, but it is still a relatively modest device comparatively.

AQT 37-13+

The AQT 37-13+ is actually identical to the AQT 37-13 in terms of its pressure rating, flow rate, power level, machine weight, and hose length. They both have 3 in 1 nozzles as well. The AQT 37-13+, as the name suggests, only differs from the AQT 37-13 due to the fact that it has more features.

With the AQT 37-13+, customers will get the wash brush, patio cleaner, and ninety-degree nozzle. As such, the AQT 37-13+ is more effective at cleaning out gutters and other areas that require a lot of strong and targeted cleaning.

Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+

  • Maximum Pressure 130 Bar
  • Flow Rate 370 L/hr
  • 6 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 6.53kgs
  • 1700 W Motor Power

AQT 40-13

The AQT 40-13 has a stronger flow rate and power rating than the AQT 37-13+, although the pressure rating between the two of them is identical at the 130 pressure bar. The hose length is also the same, and the AQT 40-13 is only 0.3 kg heavier. However, theAQT 40-13 is one of only two of the Bosch Pressure Washers to be equipped with a fixed fan jet nozzle as opposed to a 3 in 1 nozzle.

TheAQT 40-13 is better at cleaning windows than most of the other pressure washers in the Bosch Pressure Washer line. TheAQT 40-13 is equipped with the patio cleaner feature. However, it lacks the wash brush and ninety-degree nozzle. This is a washer that will work well for large cars and large areas, and it still comes in a relatively small and sturdy package.

AQT 42-13

The AQT 42-13 is similar to theAQT 40-13 in most ways, although its flow rate is slightly faster. They are also both equipped with fixed fan jet nozzles, setting them apart from the other devices in the Bosch Pressure Washers line. The AQT 42-13 stands out in terms of weight, since it weighs 11 kg, making it twice the size of the AQT 35-12+.

Its hose is 7 meters long, making it one of the longer hoses in the line. The device is also equipped with a patio cleaner and ninety-degree nozzle as well, so it has more features than the AQT 40-13. This is a pressure washer that is particularly good at cleaning large cars and other big areas that require attention to detail. This is one of the largest and most fully equipped of the Bosch Pressure Washers. However, it is still not the largest and most fully equipped of all of them, and its most relevant comparison is still the AQT 40-13.

AQT 45-14 X

The AQT 45-14 X is without a doubt the largest, most fully-equipped, and most powerful of the Bosch Pressure Washers in every way. Its ratings are higher than all of the others, but not by a huge margin. For instance, its power rating is 2100 W, which is higher than the others, whose power ratings range from 1500 to 1900.

Still, the 2100 W rating may make all the difference for a lot of people. The other ratings have similar gaps, making this machine stronger than many of the others, but not to the point where it feels like something from a completely different line.


At 19 kg, the AQT 45-14 X actually is heavier than all of the other Bosch Pressure Washers by a wide margin. Its real claim to fame is still the fact that it is the only Bosch Pressure Washer that has a variable fan jet nozzle. Many customers are going to find that this makes the use of the AQT 45-14 X very different. This device and theAQT 37-13+ are also the only pressure washers in the Bosch line that have all of the other three prominent features: the patio cleaner, the wash brush, and the ninety-degree nozzle.

The AQT 45-14 X is perfect for the people who are really in need of a very strong pressure cleaner that has all of the requisite features that anyone could want.

Bosch pressure washer accessories

Below are the main accessories you will find on sale at any trusted Bosch equipment distribution point:

The trigger and handle

Bosch is a reliable manufacturer of the trigger used along with the electric pressure washer. The trigger is basically meant to control the flow of the water in its pressured state. Every time the trigger is squeezed, the squeezed, water gets to flow out through the nozzle. With the nozzle being released, water ceases to flow though the nozzle. The trigger is therefore an essential accessory that everyone who owns an electric washer or plans to own one should consider.

Bosch presents a durable and efficient trigger with its accompanying handle for the low-priced category of its products. For the premium products, the company sees to it that consumers get value for their money. The higher-priced version of the trigger and handle is characterized by the use of thicker plastic, more ergonomic handle shaping and soft-touch surfaces, all of which are meant to make the owner of the pressure washer to enjoy their washing experience.

Bosch triggers come with safety locks. The safety locks are put in place to help with cancelling out any possibility of the user of the electric pressure washer turning on the pressure washer. For those who are very critical with the amount of pressure being exerted during the pressure washing process, purchasing a higher-priced model of the model pressure washers would be a solution since the lance handles have a pressure gauge.

The pressure washer hose

Washer hoses are another accessory that Bosch manufactures. The washer hoses are essentially meant to facilitate the flow of water from the washer in a pressured state to the cleaning surface. Having a reliable pressure washer hose therefore comes as a necessity. The hoses made by Bosch are usually reinforced with materials to help them withstand the higher pressure from the flowing water. Bosch also has a number of options from which you can select from. The differentiating factor is the length. Longer hoses enable one to do the cleaning without having to move the main body of the pressure washer. Some people may however prefer a shorter hose, depending on the scope of the cleaning they need to get done. Whatever option you select, you will always get it ready with Bosch.

Nozzles and lances

The lances and nozzles are readily available at Bosch equipment distribution. The lances and nozzle are really crucial, based on the role they play in the washing process. The nozzle is designed to create the spray jet. The lance on the other hand is designed to connect the nozzle and the trigger and handle. The strength and width of a spray jet are two factors every cleaner using an electric washer takes into consideration. Bosch knows this very well and that is the very reason that they manufacture of variety of lances and nozzle. For the basic pressure washers, you will find only just a single lance and nozzle.

The more expensive pressure washers are fitted with a number of lances and nozzles. A number of lances and nozzles are ultimately meant to give you varying spray jet shapes and strengths. With the variable fan-jet and rotary jet lances, you are entitled to a variety of spray jet shapes and strengths. The variable fan jet lances are required to enable gentle cleaning. The rotary jets or roto-power lances are useful in the facilitation of heavy cleaning.

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