Bosch Unveils 3 New Pressure Washer Models

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At an event in Bangalore, India, popular DIY product brand Bosch added 3 new models to their Home & Car High-Pressure Washer range. These included:

  1. Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+
  2. Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12
  3. Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

These 3 new models are suitable for different levels, from low end to high, tough heavy dirt. The lower end model, Aquatak AQT 33-11 is for low dirt removal making it ideal for cycle bikes, or patio furniture. The mid-level Aquatak AQT 35-12 was built to clean four wheelers with normal everyday dirt, making it great for your car. The bigger and more powerful model, the Aquatak AQT 37-13+ is for heavy dirt removal mailing it perfect for cleaning your driveways, thought stains and dirt on your caravan, van or 4×4.

The specification of each model can bee seen below.

Bosch Aquatak AQT 37-13+

  • Maximum Pressure 130 Bar
  • Flow Rate 370 L/hr
  • 6 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 6.53kgs
  • 1700 W Motor Power

Bosch Aquatak AQT 35-12

  • Maximum Pressure 120 Bar
  • Flow Rate 350 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 5.53kgs
  • 1500 W Motor Power

Bosch Aquatak AQT 33-11

  • Maximum Pressure 110 Bar
  • Flow Rate 330 L/hr
  • 5 m Hose Length
  • Weighs 3.8kgs
  • 1300 W Motor Power

With each of the three models you get a Lance, Water Filter, Machine, Hose, Gun, and Nozzle.

We shall have full reviews of these pressure washers up on our site in the near future.

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