Which Bosch Pressure Washer Patio Cleaner?

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Patios are an elementary part of a home’s image. Everyone who owns a home that has a patio wants it sparkling at any time of the day. Basic and manual cleaners will not help you realize your cleaning goals. You require a machine that will blow that tiniest dirt particle out of your way.

This is the very reason why Bosch exists-to help you as a homeowner to maintain your patio in its cleanest state possible. Bosch does this by availing you with the best patio cleaners you could possibly imagine from their range of pressure washers. Bosch is legendary in the manufacture and supply of pressure washers and have never failed to deliver in terms of customer satisfaction.

With a range of pressure cleaners made to enable clean your patio, you should trust your gut in stepping into any of the local Bosch equipment distributors. Quality matters, and that is the very reason you should not be swayed to settle on any other manufacturer.

Bosch Pressure Washer Patio Cleaner

Bosch ensures that you get quality for your money by ensuring that they have something for everyone. With the available pressure washers, you can be sure to walk out of that shopping mall with a suitable machine, one which will keep you delighted for having spent your money wisely. Below are some of the models which you can choose from:

Aquatak 1200 plus

An aquatak 1200 plus cleaner presents you an opportunity to fully enjoy your cleaning experience. With the ergonomic accessories such as the trigger and handle, you are guaranteed the full control of the cleaning process. This model is meant to last for long, a thing made possible by the use of integrated accessory storage. This ensures that accessories are well protected thus minimising their possibility of breaking.

Aquatak 1200 plus
The aquatak 1200 plus guarantees versatility. You need to have just the right type of spray jet for the cleaning. With the Vario jet-fan power lance, you can create any spray jet shape and can vary its strength to suit your preference. You could never go wrong settling on this pressure washer.

The Bosch Aquatak 110 plus

The Bosch Aquatak 110 Plus pressure washer is another of the superior products manufactured by Bosch. This pressure washer is capable of producing a spray jet at a pressure of 110 bars, which is strong enough to leave your patio looking absolutely clean. With an integrated detergent tank, you are set free of the tedious task of running around with your detergent.

With the Bosch Aquatak 110 plus, you are free to move around as you will, and with the unique design, you will face no stress storing the main body or its accessories for that matter. With the alloy pump in this pressure washer, you are entitled to the best performance, along with durability. The vario-jet-fan-power lances give you the total control in the cleaning process. These lances enable you to vary the spray jet from a single jet to a wide fan in order to achieve your cleaning goals.

Aquatak 1500 X

The Aquatak 1500 X is basically an upgrade of the previous pressure washer models manufactured by Bosch. Operating at a maximum pressure of 150 bars, this is yet another of the ultimate patio cleaning solutions. With the versatility derived from the presence of the a wide range of lances to vary the spray jet for better cleaning, you can be sure to have the image of your home rebuilt by having the cleanest version of your patio. Whether you prefer the flexi-jet lance, the roto-power lance or the Vario-jet lance, the Aquatak 1500 X will work along your preferences to aid you achieve your cleaning objectives.

You can have the temperature of the water you use varied up to a maximum of 60 degrees hence the dirt has minimal chances for clinging on you patio. This pressure washer is definitely built to satisfy your needs.

The Bosch Aquatak 160 Pro X

The Bosch Aquatak 160 Pro X is all about power. The basis of this statement can be drawn from the fact that it can jet out a spray jet at a maximum pressure of 160 bars. With its high-quality accessories such as the lances, you are guaranteed nothing but excellent performance. If you have a patio that gives you a hard time during the cleaning process, you should put an end to your struggle with this pressure washer. The roto-power and vario-jet power lance options being available, you are in a position to vary the strength of the spray jet for varying results.

This pressure washer comes with a 12 meter hose, hence you don’t have to move around the main body. This spares you enough energy to get the cleaning done in the best way possible.

The ergonomic design caters for its stability thus will have no trouble moving it around.

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