Best Qaulcast Pressure Washer

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With summer now upon us, chances are good that you, just like a lot of homeowners, have been promising yourself that when the warmer months arrived a lot of things that needed to be cleaned would get their treatment. Unfortunately, now that those summerdays have arrived, it’s time to decide on the best and easiest ways to get those cleaning chores accomplished.

Best Qaulcast Pressure Washer

The good news in this is that one of the best and surest ways to get practically anything out of doors clean is with a pressure washer. The trouble is determining which one is best for you and your needs.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long shopping for a pressure washer before you learn that in terms of performance and value Qualcast is considered one of the best. This guide will give you want you need to know to purchase the Qualcast pressure washer that is best suited to your needs.

Qualcast Pressure Washer – 2000W

Across the features board for quality, durability, and value is the Qualcast Pressure Washer – 2000W, one of the highest-rated products of its type on the market. Whatever features you think you need in a pressure washer, chances are good that the Qualcast Pressure Washer has it and more. From top to bottom, this one has it all. These features include, most notably, a cable tidy system; horizontal working position, and integrated hose reel, all designed to make this Qualcast product convenient and easy to use.

And for power, the Qualcast Pressure Washer has a 2000 watt universal motor, making it one of the most powerful pressure washers available anywhere. It has a higher than average maximum pressure that makes it most suitable for medium to high demand tasks. It also has an extra long lance, so wherever your cleaning tasks take you, you can reach them. There is probably very little that this washer can’t clean.

Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1800W

Do you want a pressure washer that’s a little smaller, a little more compact, but still strong enough to do most outdoor cleaning tasks? Do you want something that’s not quite as extensive in terms of features and abilities? The Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1800W might be just the thing for you. This model is easy to use and can be wheeled around to wherever you need it. It can also be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. Get rid of even the stubborn dirt and grime with the long lance as well as the supersized tank. This one also comes with specially adapted attachments that allow you to clean patios, cars, and practically anything else with ease. And when you’re done, just store everything away in its own tidy spot. This washer can be run using either the tank or while connected to a tap.

This model features an 1800 watt motorand a 420-litreflow rate, all suitable for medium to heavy jobs, wherever they may be. Perhaps best of all for convenience is the fact that it’s all on wheels, which makes it easy to take and use anywhere. There’s also a 6 mm hose that can be used to temperatures of 40 degrees C. Accessories include extra and diverse attachments for different cleaning tasks as well as a onboard tank and storage.

Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1400W

Are you looking for a pressure washer that is just a little smaller but still something that packs a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning what you need cleaned around the house or office? That sounds like a perfect job for the Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1400W, one handy tool that is small but easy to use and powerful enough to handle almost any cleaning project you throw in its path. TheQualcast Pressure Washer – 1400W is the perfect washer for virtually anything that you need done, from small to medium sized jobs. You can use water in the tank to clean, or attach it to a tap. It’s environmentally friendly, so either way, you win. You save on your water bills too.

The Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1400W is built to last for the long haul, with a variable pressure lance, low-pressure detergent gun, a fixed brush and patio cleaning tool, and a list of other attachments that make it perfect for handling all of your domestic cleanings projects. And when you’re done, store everything away with the compact design of the on-board storage, then just put it away since it can be stored just about anywhere, quickly and conveniently. This one comes with a five-meter water hose and five meters of cable, reaching a grand total of 10 meters to get to any job in your home.

The Qualcast Pressure Washer – 1400W boasts a flow rate of 300 liters per hour, making it one of the most environmentally friendly tools available anywhere. The maximum temperature the tool can use is 40°C. Accessories that are included: Standard lance, pressure adjustable lance–allows you to alter the level of water pressure to suit the task–a car wash brush, quick connector, patio cleaner, a low-pressure detergent gun, removable detergent tank, onboard storage.

Bottom Line

All Qualcast power washers are built with quality in mind. That’s why when you purchase a Qualcast pressure washer you can be assured that you will receive full value for the product. Despite this, Qualcast offers a free two-year guarantee with all of their products. Additional guarantees are offered by sales organizations that feature the products.

Regardless of your cleaning project, there is a Qualcast pressure washer that is built to do the job, light, medium, or heavy duty. All of the Qualcast product offer value in terms of the materials and engineering they are designed with as well as the testing record they go through to deliver the highest level of service available.

Let those cleaning jobs mount up. You’ll be ready when it comes to clean them with your Qualcast pressure cleaner. We know that just like so many other satisfied customers, you’ll be proud to use your Qualcast product everywhere there’s a cleanup job around your home.

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