5 Best Pressure Washer Shampoo & Soap for your Car

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Pressure washers are one of the best tools for cleaning a car. They can blast off crusted mud and clear caked on dust quickly, thus saving you a tremendous amount of time in the cleaning process. They are designed to loosen up adhered grime, leaving just a thin film to be cleaned off with a sponge.

Best Pressure Washer Shampoos & Detergents

We have rounded up our top 5 and best pressure washer soaps and detergents.

Autobrite Direct MagiFoam

This snow foam formula is a popular choice and has many great reviews. It is an ultra high foam additive for a stable dense foam. Designed for use with a pressure washer and lance it can be cover your car in a snow like foam, left for a few minutes and then washed off.

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Autobrite is produce and sell a snow foam once that can be fitted to your pressure washer, it is heavy duty and very well made, there are models that will work with Karcher and Nilfisk pressure washers.

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Auto Glym Pressure Wash

Auto Glym is one of the most popular pressure washer detergents around. This particular Pressure wash is formulated to work with all sorts of pressure washers. It is treated with a balanced concentration of surface active ingredients that eliminate grime, grease, and traffic film without damaging the polished paintwork, trim, or plastics. While it does produce foam, the amount will depend on the head and pressure setting of your pressure washer. A slower spread setting, which is neither too much nor too little, will produce the best results.

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To use, just pour a portion into the chemical tank and mix with high powered water using an intake hose. Note: unless your car is already clean, you’ll always need to use your hands in the long run. Therefore, once you have applied the detergent, give it a sponge over to loosen the dirt, which will then be blasted away while rinsing.

Holts SPW5 Simoniz Pressure Washer Detergent

The importance of having the right products when cleaning your vehicle cannot be overemphasized. You need to have professional products that are easy to use and, most importantly, will finish the job in a timely manner.

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In this regard, the Simoniz pressure washer detergent is the best pick when it comes to convenience and excellent performance. This solution is specifically formulated to deal with all kinds of dirt on cars, caravans, patios, driveways, plastic window frames, and brickwork. It comes in a 5-L bottle and is one of the most preferred pressure washer detergents by professional housekeeping departments and car washes.

Wash & Wax – High Gloss Finish Car Wash Shampoo

Wash ‘n” Wax is a concentrated blend of surfactants that includes special waxes. It is an excellent car wash with deep cleaning results that will leave your vehicle’s bodywork shining with a deep gloss. The detergent is actually very popular in the regular washing and maintenance of private and commercial vehicles. It is also ideal for manual washing, but should be used at concentrations of between 1/2 oz and 1 oz per gallon (1.200 to 1.400) in either cold or warm water.

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To use, apply the solution on the body of your car, then agitate to loosen the dirt and grime. Lastly, rinse with water and allow to dry or polish with a dry leather for a sparkling result. Being a mild detergent, Wash & Wax will not affect paintwork and other fittings. It is generally suitable for bodywork, trim and wheels.

Patio Cleaner?

Vax Wash and Protect Pressure Washer Solution

Vax is one of the best pressure washer detergents for automobiles. It is specially designed to fight rooted grime and dirt in cars, vans, bikes and scooters, leaving them looking as clean as a whistle. It is also gentle enough to work on garden furniture, tarmac, and decking.

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You only need 500 ml of concentrate to make a 5-liter solution, meaning that the detergent is very cost-effective at $12. The bonus is that it will leave a refreshing ocean breeze fragrance on the piece you are cleaning.

Magnum Force Extra

This powerful, concentrated pressure washer detergent can be applied through a jet wash or just used manually. The orange liquid contains controlled foam levels to deliver an effective de-greasing action and a free rinsing finish. It is ideal for fighting heavy layers of dirt, diesel fumes, and traffic film on cars, lorries, vans, curtain sided vehicles, tankers, and commercial vehicles. Magnum Force Extra is particularly recommended for vehicles involved in transporting meat and foodstuffs, since it is odorless and non-tainting. It is also excellent at removing stain on tarmac, block paving, slabs, patios, and drives, and has been shown to kill 99.9 percent of all harmful viruses and bacteria.

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To use, dilute between 1:2 and 1:10 of the solution with water, depending on the level of soiling, and then apply using your pressure washer. Rinse immediately with clean water. Note: Magnum Force Extra should not be allowed to dry, as this may lead to staining. You should also not use it on aluminium.

Buying a Pressure Washer Detergent

But any car pressure washer is only as good as the pressure washer detergent involved. There are countless solutions in the market today, which all promise to deliver a quick and thorough clean, but not all of them come as advertised. Just ask anyone who has ever had to throw a bottle of Car Wash in the trash can after just one use.

A pressure washer often comes with a tank for filling the detergent solution, which makes it viable for different applications. Some pressure washers are actually fitted with two tanks with different levels of capacity for the detergent. Most also provide special nozzle spray tips for dealing with soap and detergent. It is important to note that pressure washer detergents are different from the regular detergents formulated for bathing and cleaning clothes. Some are multipurpose cleaners while others are exclusively prepared for car washing. Some of the things you should consider when choosing the best pressure washer detergents include:

Size – How much can the pressure washer detergent make in a single wash? In most cases, the pressure washer detergent will contain a concentrated formula that can be mixed with water.

Purpose – While some detergents are meant for washing vehicles alone, most are created for multipurpose cleaning. When choosing a detergent, pick one that is most suitable for task at hand. For instance, if you are cleaning the exterior of your home, go for a detergent that is formulated for use on wood/vinyl siding. If you are dealing with an automobile, a vehicle wash will deliver a good job without damaging the paintwork.

Safety – The pressure washer detergent you are using should not contain harmful ingredients that can be toxic to humans, plants, and even pets.

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