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Karcher pressure washers are some of the most popular models on the market, they are a leading choice when it comes to choosing a pressure washer for using on your car, at home on your driveway and patio, as well as washing down garden furniture or bikes.

As of 2017 Karcher have updated their whole range which now all include the full control features that were released last year on their high end pressure washer models. Their last update was to the popular Karcher K2 model that has been redesigned and includes the new full control feature.

Best Karcher Pressure Washers

The Karcher power washers consists of 4 models, the K2, K4, K5 and K7. Within each model there is a eco, home and premium version, the different versions contain different features and attachments, but still have the same specification, the engine within is the same.

Karcher Pressure Washer Range

This table shows and compares the differences between the electric Karcher power washer range.

 Karcher K2 Full Control
K4 Full Control Home

K5 Full Control Home

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer
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Kärcher K2Kärcher K4Kärcher K5Kärcher K7
Pressure (Bar)110130145160
Water Flow (l/h)360420500600
Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour)20304060
Motor Watts1400180021002800
Detergent IntakeSuction TubePlug & CleanPlug & CleanPlug & Clean
Water suction-YesYesYes
Pressure Hose Length4m6m8m10m
Power Cord Length5m5m5m5m
Spray GunStandard high-pressure lance GunFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED DisplayFull Control Power Gun with LED Display
Perfect for...Bikes
Patio Furniture
Bikes & Cars
Outdoor Furniture
Garage Doors
Bikes, Cars & Vans
Outdoor Furniture
Larger Patios
Garage Doors
Cars, Vans & 4x4's
Outdoor Furniture
Large Patios
Garage Doors
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Karcher K2

The K2 is the smallest pressure washer Karcher do and it is also their budget model. In terms of its specification and power it has 110 bar pressure using a 1400 watt motor and kicks out 360 litres per hour.

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

In 2017 Karcher redesigned this model to include the full control feature that includes 4 settings on the lance that can be switched between allowing for adjustable pressure and spray for different tasks. You can read our K2 Full Control Review here on this 2017 model.

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Karcher K4

The midrange Krcher K4 has more power allowing it to do what the K2 can do and more,  the extra power makes it suitable for cleaning paths, car and motor bikes.

Karcher K4

If you are looking for a model that will be mainly used for car cleaning then this is a great choice and also great value. Read our K4 Full Control pressure washer Review.

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Karcher K5

The K5 has even more power that the K4, it has a powerful 145 bar pressure, a 2100 watt motor and 500 l/h water flow.

Kärcher K5 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

This is a great pressure washer if you are looking at cleaning your patio or driveway, it has plenty of power to do a great job. It is also great for other tasks you may not have through about, cleaning your garage door, gutters, caravan etc.Read our Karcher K5 Full Control Home pressure washer Review here.

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Karcher K7

Whatever task is thrown at this model it shall clean up, a powerful 160 bar pressure, 2800 watt motor and 600 litre per hour water flow.

Karcher K7 Pressure Washer

The Karcher K7 full control power washer has all the power you need and is the most powerful consumer pressure washer on the market from this popular brand. You can read our K7 Full Control pressure washer Review here.

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Which is best?

The million dollar question, however the question is really which is the best for your needs. The Karcher K7 can be argued as the best Karcher pressure washer as it has all the features you may need, it has all the power you could possibly need, and it is the highest spec. That being said it doesn’t make it the best pressure washer for you as it is also the most expensive.

Best Karcher for Under £100

Our Choice: Karcher K2 – For under £100 there is just one Karcher option for you, that is the K2, this has been updated this year and is a great compact pressure washer that still packs a punch. It pumps out at 110 bar pressure using a 1400 watt motor and kicks out 360 litres per hour. It is ideal for car cleaning, washing down garden furniture, bikes or washing down a patio.

Best Karcher for Light use

Our Choice: Karcher K2 – If you plan to use your pressure washer a couple of times month for washing down you patio, cleaning your car or bike, then the entry level K2 is ideal, or if a little more power is needed then the K4 is great for larger cars, patios or more regular use.

Best all round Karcher pressure washer

Our Choice: Karcher K4 – If you want a balance of feature, power and cost then the Karcher K4 is a great choice, it is well priced and has enough power clean your car at the weekend, wash down your patio and drive and other tasks around the home, clearing gutters and light down pipe blockages, it has a good size hose ideal for more usual use and has a good specification for all round tasks.

Extra power can be added by selecting the next model up which is the K5, another great power washer however it does cost slightly more, either mid range pressure washer is a great choice and a good solid all rounder.

Either are ideal for car cleaning, washing your patio or drive, washing out the wheelie bin, cleaning the garage door and clearing gutters.

Best Karcher for heavy duty use

Our Choice: Karcher K7 – If you want power then the K7 is for you, the most powerful consumer pressure washer Karcher do and it is perfect for any heavy duty tasks, cleaning your 4×4, van or caravan, bringing up large patios like new, cleaning boats or masonry walls, removing graffiti, this is a great choice.

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