Best Commercial Heavy Duty Pressure Washers

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It comes as no surprise that the patio, brickwork, and even our vehicles are items that are highly susceptible to the effects of staining and dirt as well. The added benefit is that we have a broad spectrum of cleaning methods available on the consumer market today. Some of the top quality cleaning methods include using some of the Best Heavy Duty Pressure Washers as the ideal solution for your unique cleaning regime.

Simply put, these tools have been customised with a broad spectrum of design features to make them excellent additions for your unique cleaning regime for industrial use. Some of the highly rated features that you are likely to come across include robust motors, special cleaning wands, and efficient resource features as well making them ideal for Commercial use.

Best Industrial and Heavy duty washers

Here are some of the highly rated pressure washer for you to consider:

Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM

Experience the superior quality of the Generac 6602 One wash powered pressure washer that comes with 212CC engine that is both large and powerful as well.

This unit can also be used to also easily adjust the intensity of the spray to clean a broad spectrum of surfaces with the inclusion of a single and straightforward to use control. This unit also features a consolidated control panel whereby all control are efficiently located in one location.


  • This pressure washer is compact sized and powerful
    It comes with customizable wand heads


  • The wheels get damaged easily and are not ideal for rough terrains

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI

Discover the excellence of the AR Blue Clean AR382 Pressure Washer hat makes quick work especially when cleaning your patios and driveways as well. The inclusion of the professional style pressure washer gun and the high-pressure quick change wands make it convenience to clean your property.

More so, this Pressure Washer is also environmentally friendly and will use only 80% less water and 40% less power than the conventional pressure washers. This pressure washer is also easy to assemble, and all you need to do is to pull it out of the box and insert the special hose reel.


  • The AR Blue Clean AR 383 comes with convenient design features
  • This pressure washer is also silent in operation


  • It does not come with replacement parts

Sun Joe UK-SPX4001

Realise the superior benefits of pressure washing with the Sun Joe Pressure washer that can tackle even medium, light and heavy duty cleaning tasks.

Besides that, this unit comes with a special Total Stop System that automatically turns off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and to enhance the lifespan of your jet washer. The inclusion of the dual detergent task can store different types of detergent to tackle various cleaning projects simultaneously.


  • It comes with an ample sized and detachable water tank
  • The exterior design provides optimal damage resistance



  • This pressure washer is rather loud in operation

Karcher K7 Premium

Take your conventional cleaning capabilities to the next level with the Karcher K7 Premium Electric washer that comes with a special various power spray wand that is simple to adjust for excellent cleaning results each time.

More so, the Dirt Blaster spray wand tackles even the toughest of cleaning jobs in half the time required to clean. More so, this unit comes with a heavy duty pump that is non-corrosive and it provides maintenance free results each time. The inclusion of the water-cooled induction motor increases the life span of the pressure washer by well over five times.


  • This pressure washer has a spray wand that is simple to adjust for cleaning
  • It comes with a special pump that is both silent and efficient in operation


  • This pressure washer is bulky and heavy to transport

GreenWorks GPW1950 3 amp 1950 PSI 1.2 GPM

Change your conventional cleaning capabilities with the Greenworks GPW1950 Pressure washer that comes with a heavy-duty 13 Amp motor will strip and clean your surfaces back to new. With well over 1950 PSI and 1.25 GPM, this pressure washer makes removing stain an effortless procedure.

The inclusion of the dual inbuilt soap tanks and the 40-degree nozzle tips and wands allow for convenient cleaning results. This unit also has a compact design with heels and a cable holder for easy storage and transportation as well.


  • The GPW1950 comes with dual detergent tank for customized cleaning results
  • It also comes with a 13 amp motor for effective cleaning


  • This unit lacks some replacement spare parts

Briggs & Stratton 20592 2.7-GPM 3000-PSI

Eliminate the effects of stains and debris from your property with optimal results by using the Briggs and Straton 20592 Gas Pressure Washer that is ideal for outdoor cleaning projects including washing furniture, cars and upholstery as well. With its 875-Professional series OHV 190 cc engine, this pressure washer is both silent and efficient in operation.

The full steel frame design along with the special powder coating enhances durability while mitigating the effects of corrosion. The detergent injection system adds special cleaning solution onto the water stem for easier and faster cleaning results.


  • This pressure washer has an excellent OHV 190 CC engine
  • The special detergent injection system adds cleaning solutions into the water for optimal cleaning


Overall, cleaning your property and your favorite equipment is sometimes a demanding task. This is because you have to move around with heavy buckets, detergent, and various other cleaning equipment.

For this reason, an excellent recommendation would be for you to invest in the Best Heavy Duty Pressure Washers. These tools are simple to use, set up and they guarantee top quality cleaning results each time.

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