Best Autoglym Polish & Wax Products for a Showroom Finish

Best Autoglym Polish & Wax Products for a Showroom Finish

Autoglym is a company associated with maintenance of cars. Their products are designed in such way to have the effect of a showroom finish. The company provides several… Read more »

Autobrite Foaming Lance Karcher

Best Snow Foam Lance for Karcher Pressure Washer

The Autobrite Foaming Lance is a solid brass, well built and designed attachment for your pressure washer allowing you to spray foam onto your car.

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K2 – Home Vs Premium, What’s the Difference?

At the end of 2016 Karcher released a brand new K2 Pressure washer, now named K2 Full Control. The addition of the ‘Full control’ to the title also… Read more »

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

There is no sense in denying what is important, but as a car owner, maintain top hygiene standards is always an Important factor for you to consider. In… Read more »

Best Pressure Washer for Drain Pipe Cleaning & Blockages

Best Pressure Washer for Drain Pipe Cleaning & Blockages

Pressure washers have many great uses and one is certainly removing hard to shift stains or blockages, the high pressure allows pipes and guttering to be easily cleared… Read more »

Vax P86-P1-C Pressure Washer Review

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pressure Washer Deals 2017

Friday, November 24 2017 is Black Friday in the UK, and a chance to grab a bargain on the latest and best pressure washers from Karcher, Nilfisk and… Read more »

Karcher WV5

Differences Between the Karcher WV2 & the WV5

Getting rid of dirt is one of the worst chores we can possibly face at home. Karcher has been coming to our rescue with their wide range of… Read more »

Karcher Vs Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Having trouble deciding between Karcher and Sun Joe? Easily compare between the two to decide the ideal machine for you. Getting rid of dirt, mud, mildew, grime etc…. Read more »

Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer Review

Bosch Vs Karcher Pressure Washer. Which to Buy?

In the UK Karcher is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric pressure washers, however next to them you will also find models from other… Read more »