Pressure Washer Buying Guide

One great thing about summer is being able to go outside and enjoy that fresh and warm weather on your face; you can always look forward to waking up to a warm summer breeze and the wonderfully warm sun gently caressing your skin. Summer is great; but with its greatness comes dirt. Before you know it, mud, pollen, dried grass clippings, and so much more grime from air pollution is covering everything you own.

Buying an Electric Pressure Washer Guide

Everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing a pressure washer and deciding what is important to you. As you are here I’m sure you have already decided you wish to purchase one, so here is the ends to know.

Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

When it comes to purchasing your pressure washer there are a few things to think about and consider, there are lots of different models on the market and prices can range from £50 up to £500, so we have made a list of things to have it mind when it comes to looking as pressure washers.

When it comes to buying think about how you will use it, what other things may you use it for once you have it that you may not be buying it for, such as just using it for cleaning you car, but then wanting to clean your drive too. Ensure the specification is suitable and good enough for what you need and buy the best pressure washer you can afford.

Pressure – Which to Buy?

This is important and will depend on your needs, the higher the pressure the easier it is the remove dirt as there is more power. Pressure is measured in bars, and typical pressure washers will range from 110 up to 180 bar.

Below will give you an idea of what bar pressure is suitable for what jobs.

Light Use – 100 bar

  • Garden furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Rubbish bins

Medium Use – 110 to 130 bar

  • Car Cleaning
  • Boats
  • Lawnmowers
  • Fencing
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs

Heavy Use – 130 bar +

  • Brickwork
  • Decking
  • Patios
  • Concrete driveways

If you intend just to use it to clean your car, then you the lower end of the range is more than good enough, you won’t want anything too high as this may then damage the paintwork of your car due to the high power of the pressure. If you plan to wash down the patio or drive then the higher pressure will be very useful in this instance to remove tough dirt, so the upper end of the ranges would be great for this.

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Some pressure washers can be heavy so a longer hose can be useful so that you don’t have to carry or wheel it around, this is also good if you are using it to clean your car as it makes it a lot easier to do as you can then just move around without having to pull it along with you each time. Most entry models come with a 4m pressure hose at least as standard.


The key here is flexibility, all pressure washes come with a range of different accessories for your needs, some models have different packages which will have different attachments, so decide your primary use and ensure it has what you need.

If you are going to be cleaning your patio then the  patio cleaner attachment can be extremely useful as it will prevent you just pushing the dirt around and make it a lot easier too.

Pressure Washer Buying FAQ’s

What is Waterflow? Waterflow is the rate water is pushed out of the lance, the higher the water flow the larger amount of water forced out and used. Water flow is measured in litres per hour and can range from 300 l/h on entry models up to 600 on the higher end models. Waterflow is important for removing and washing away dirt on patios and driveways for example.

What is Bar Pressure? This is the force at which the water is pushed out at, the higher the force the easier it is to remove dirt. Lighter jobs such as car cleaning and washing down your patio furniture don’t require as much pressure as you would for perhaps cleaning your driveway, the extra bar pressure would make it a lot easier, quicker and give better results with a higher pressure.

Which is more important, Waterflow or Pressure? They are both important and go hand in hand with each offer, if you are looking to clean your patio you will want a high pressure to remove dirt and stains that have been there for years, however the high water flow will make the job quicker as it quickly washes away the dirt it removes. All models have a good water flow and pressure ratio, it is more important to think about the tasks you shall be using your washer for.

Where is the best place to store my pressure washer? Store your power washer in a dry place that is well ventilated, in the winter months you may wan tot bring it inside or store somewhere that is heated to ensure the pump does not freeze and become damaged with any water left inside.

Should I buy a pressure washer? To decide if you need one think of the tasks it can be used for and if it is applicable to you, cleaning your car, van, bike, 4×4, caravan, boat, it can be used on all these. How about washing your patio, driveway, brick work, garage doors, wheelie bin, cleaning blocked gutters. There are many uses to a pressure washer than just car cleaning so think about how else you may use it and how often.

How long is the power lead? On Karcher and Nilfisk pressure washer the power chord is 5m in length.

How should I store my pressure washer in the winter? Check out out article and guide on storing Your Pressure Washer in the Winter.

How do I start my electric pressure washer?

  1. First off attach your garden hose from your water supply to the pressure washer.
  2. Attach high-pressure hose between spray lance and the pressure washer.
  3. Turn the water on at the tap.
  4. Press the trigger on lance to purge any water or air from the unit.
  5. Turn the pressure washer on to begin to use.